Best Dylan O’Brien movies and TV shows and how to watch them?

American Killer (2017) (Netflix)

Moving back to the action thriller on which Dylan O’Brien thrives, we take a look at American killer. In the film, based on the Vince Flynn novel of the same name, O’Brien stars as Mitch Rapp, a young CIA black ops recruit who teams up with a Cold War veteran, played by Michael KeatonTrying to stop the detonation of a nuclear weapon.

Already, it sounds like a great pairing—one of the most recognizable names in acting in my opinion, with a new face that’s up and coming, like Dylan O’Brien. If I’m honest, it’s everything you’ll do hope in action movieWith lots of fights, bullets and stunts all around. it is not one of the absolute best movies on netflix, but it’s still worth checking out. While I’m more a fan of our next pick on the list, american killer Will satisfy any action fan’s craving, especially if you’re interested in the work of Dylan O’Brien.

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