Ben Affleck will reportedly start filming as Batman in the Flash movie next month

Ben Affleck will report on the set of The Flash Movie next month after set photos of his stunt double filming scenes on the Batcycle were leaked.

Ben Affleck will reportedly visit the set of glow To begin filming the scenes for the upcoming DCEU film in September. Ezra Miller is reprising his role as Barry Allen batman vs superman And Justice League And the return of many big characters will be seen in the film itself. In addition to Affleck, Michael Keaton Tim Burton will return as his version of Bruce Wayne from the 1989 film, although whether he is donning the cowl is unclear. Keirsey Clemons will also appear as Iris West after her brief role Zack Snyders Justice League As Barry Allen’s love interest.

Sasha Calle will make her DCEU debuts as Supergirl glow, preparing the film for a different kind of superhero team-up. Film ready to adapt time-traveling comics arc Flash point He sees Barry Allen go back in time and disrupt the future. Rumors point to the film setting up the DCEU’s own version of the multiverse, which would explain Supergirl and Keaton’s appearance. Details regarding Affleck’s role in the film are unknown, but are widely believed to be his last appearance in the DCEU.

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Now, Affleck is finally set to make an appearance on the set in September. wrap Umberto Gonzalez tweeted that the actors will reach the European sets of the film in September. No other details were given about his appearance in the film. See tweet below:

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glow The set has been mired in drama over the past few weeks, in part, thanks to Affleck’s Batman. Although the actor was not on set, as confirmed by his appearance with Jennifer Lopez elsewhere, the actor’s stunt double is filming the scenes on the Batcycle. NS Batcycle was involved in two accidents flamboyantset of. Luckily, no one was injured, but it certainly looks like the vehicle may have been more trouble than it was worth.

Whether Affleck will be more capable of handling the Batsail remains to be seen. Still, his presence on the sets and his return to the DCEU is exciting. As for what may be his final appearance as Bruce Wayne, there’s no telling what’s in store for his character. Affleck will definitely go out with a bang And fans will be hesitant to say goodbye to the actor – despite the fact that his initial casting was met with a myriad of reactions, his performance was ultimately beloved by many. one more round glow Hope that will be enough to give audiences everything they want and more than Affleck’s iteration of the character.

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Source: Umberto Gonzalez

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