Ben Affleck opens up about ending his marriage to Jennifer Garner and why he was drinking at the time

It’s been three years since Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s marriage ended. At that time, the former couple was constantly the focus of rumors and newspaper stories. It meant a lot not only for Garner and Affleck, but also for their three children. While fans were saddened to see the couple break up, the dissolution of their marriage took years to make, according to tender bar Star. The two-time Oscar winner was honest about how the end of her marriage and her drinking problem were tied together.

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck’s love story was the stuff of Hollywood legends as they met while working in 2003 brave, The former couple seemed to be happy with their idyllic life and Hollywood career. While that was the case in the beginning, he had the same problems as everyone else. Justice League The alum clarified the tension building between him and his ex Howard Stern Show (Via page six) by saying:

We probably would have hugged each other. I would probably still be drinking. One of the reasons why I started drinking was because I was stuck.

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