Ben Affleck candidly responds to Ridley Scott’s f-bomb about the final duel

Ridley Scott’s final duel A film that has received incredibly good reviews. The film, and performances by the likes of Adam Driver and Jodie Comer, were hailed as some of the best of the year. unfortunately, it was Not a film that the audience has adopted, as in the movie did not do well at the box office, Ben Affleck, who also appeared in the film, and his performance was widely praised, is much more nuanced on the cause than his director.

When Ridley Scott spoke about the film’s financial failure, he launched into a swear-y explanation of how millennials can’t live off their cell phones, which means current audiences tend to pay attention to his serious films. are not ready. When heart Asked Ben Affleck the same question, he F-bomb left out, but acknowledged that the core of what Scott said may in fact be true, because the audience’s behavior Is is changing, although it has less to do with cell phones. Affleck explained…

In fact, the truth is that I have had movies that didn’t work, that bombed, that weren’t good. It is very easy to understand why and why this happened. The movie is rubbish, people don’t want to see it, right? I really love this movie, The Last Duel. It’s cool and it plays – I’ve seen it play with the audience and now it’s doing well on streaming. It wasn’t one of those movies where you say, ‘Oh boy, I wish my film worked.’ Instead, it’s more due to a seismic shift that I’m seeing, and I’m having this conversation with every single person I know. Although there are many iterations, the conversation is the same: how is it? [the movie business] is changing?

How audience behavior is changing

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