Ben Affleck and JLo only gave 75 rupees for their wedding, but later took care of the pastor

while the schedule 2022 movie release Two different movies involving Jennifer Lopez and Weddings, this is the real deal that people are still talking about. His Recently married to Ben Affleck The event has been the source of all kinds of stories and reactions, with Pastor Ryan Wolfe being another party that has seen some headlines. In a recent interview, the popular preacher explained how Affleck and Lopez only paid $75 for their wedding, as well as taking care of them.

Speaking with Producer Eddie Bobby Bones Show, the Little White Chapel employee was asked if he was tempted to raise rates. Given that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are getting married, the temptation was definitely on. Although as he explained, Ryan Wolfe only gave him the standard rate; While receiving an unspecified but well-intentioned tip:

Alas, man. I would love to do this. We just have a regular base price. He paid $75 for the chapel, and then he finally took care of me, giving me a tip. … let me tell you this, it was less than a few thousand.

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