Below Deck Made: Producer Reveals Interfering in Season 6

Below Deck Made creator Nadine Rajabi had to step into a situation this season. She will involve herself if the situation becomes unsafe.

Season 6. an executive producer from below deck mediterranean recently opened up about a situation she had to step into. As of now, any physical changes have been avoided in the new season of Bravo series; However, not much. Second stew Lexi Wilson gets into an almost physical fight with deckhand Zee Dempers, with the entire crew against her in a big blowout by the hot tub. Luckily, Zee’s friend and fellow deckhand David Pasco was there to break up the fight before it got physical.

Throughout the season, Lexi has become a problem within the crew. Not only does she almost provoke a physical fight, but she also talks to her superiors. started after Chef Matthew Shea of ​​Season 6 Told Lexi politely not to step into the pile of dirt he had been sweeping long before he entered the kitchen. Not only did she refuse, but while they were arguing, she was cutting a lamb lollipops meant for the guests. His second offense was when he spoke to his chief steward, Katie Flood, threatening to quit, resulting in Katie’s tears.

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during an interview on group text of melissa rivers podcast, below deck med Executive producer Nadine Rajabi talks about the situation that arose on the board that led to her joining, as Nursing Hannah’s Panic Attacks. “Something happens this season that we don’t show where I had to go out and stop the situation,” Nadine admitted. She continued, “So there are times where I will not tolerate […] those are the times when i’ll step up and go“While Nadine didn’t say when the situation happened or who was involved, she did reveal reasons why she would step into some scary situations.”never violence. Racism, sexism. any of those things,” she said. Nadine continued in the interview how there have been times when they had to put someone out of danger when they were too drunk.

Crew Love Lloyd Below Deck Made

He also had to take steps to get someone out of the hot tub (like when Lexi was being unfair in the hot tub) when he realized that it was unsafe for him to be in the water. “This is what people do not understand. we are in the middle of the sea,” she said. When it comes to filming safety is always first below deck med, no matter what footage the crew is trying to film. Even when an alarm goes off on a boat, the production team still needs to respond quickly. “the first thing i do is […] i go to the bridge,” she explained. Nadine explains how she deals with alarms going off. First, she sees which alarm is sounding and detects whether someone is awake. Then Nadine will wake the captain or engineer And tell them to sound the alarm to ensure everyone’s safety.

Even though the production team is focused on filming a TV show, they always put the safety of the crew first. Whether it is their physical or mental security, the production team is always there for the crew. As far as the unheard-of situation that happened this season is concerned, it looks like viewers will probably never know.

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below deck mediterranean Airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.

Source: Melissa Rivers Group Lesson/Podcast

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