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If The Met’s Steps Could Talk, We Can Bet They’d Have Stories day,

For mate throat—fashion’s biggest night—some stars take the definition of “dress-up” to another level. Who can forget, for example, when the organizing co-chair Lady Gaga not one but rocked Four Incredible outfits in 2019,

Two years later, lil nass x Proved that the “Bad Romance” singer wasn’t capable of dressing up (and backing up) a bit for the world to see. For Her 2021 Met Gala Look, “Old Town Singer” Changed twice to show three very distinctive looks-one of which included a Versace suit of gold armor.

And no one was quite ready for 2021 Jaw-Dropping All-Black Lookcourtesy of Kim Kardashian (Thanks for the mask that covered him complete Face). Not only did her polarizing outfit inspired countless memes, it left everyone with one question: How was she able to see anything in that dress?

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