Bears and Breakfast: How to Build (and Delete) Rooms

In Bear and Breakfast, Hank the Bear needs to build and destroy rooms in order to maximize pleasure and earn a good score to progress through the game.

Bear and Breakfast is a woodland-themed life simulator game where the player, controlling Hank the Bear, builds rooms for a bed and breakfast in the woods. The premise of the game is to build a successful bed and breakfast at various locations throughout the forest; Once players reach a certain score in each motel, they move on to the next one and create as many different types of rooms as possible. On the way, player meet weird new characters and immerse himself in Hank’s world, trying to get human visitors back into the woods.

The first Motel Players upgrade is very short, but it serves as a tutorial for Bear and Breakfast, There’s room for a front desk and a room, but little else; Visitors are also required to make use of an outhouse. However, once the second motel is unlocked, players can experiment more with building and destroying rooms to maximize the happiness and needs of guests, and by extension, the amount they pay for the room. can expand.

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To build a room, enter build mode, which players will learn how to do Bear and Breakfast Tutorial. Click on the Hammer logo to see different room types, select the desired room type, and drag the box across the floor to move it out. it’s the same mechanic other simulator games like Two Point Hospital, Room size goes a long way in maximizing efficiency and being able to hold more guests. Players can’t make a room smaller than the minimum size, but can make them as big as they want. To destroy a room, simply click on the room and click Delete on the popup box that appears on the right.

Basic tips for building and destroying rooms in Bear and Breakfast

Bear and Breakfast Hank Build Delete Room Screen

Being able to create, edit and destroy rooms in Bear and Breakfast Rating is critical to maximizing score and meeting customer needs. Here are some basic tips for creating new rooms:

  • Rooms can be at least 4×3 square
  • The bedroom should be near various facilities; There cannot be a motel with all the bedrooms.
  • There should be one bathroom for every two bedrooms
  • As players progress through the game, each motel will have different room types

In addition to deleting Players can also edit rooms and see their Bear and Breakfast Rating score by clicking on it. If players choose to edit the room, they will not be able to delete it, but can edit its size. Clicking on the room will also let players know which elements are missing; If the toilet is missing from the bathroom, it will not be a properly functioning room and will not provide a good score or cleanliness rating.

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Bear and Breakfast Available on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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