Batman Joker image editing shows DC villain’s full face

Following the release of the full deleted scene, this Batman Joker image edit reveals the full face of Barry Keoghan as Gotham’s Clown Prince of Crime.

a Batman The Joker image editing shows a look at the DC villain’s full face. Director Matt Reeves’ film stars Robert Pattinson as the titular superhero when it hits theaters on March 4. With both critical acclaim and ongoing success at the box office, Batman Warner Bros. hopes to establish another universe of films and TV series that exists in addition to the DCEU continuity.

As such, Reeves’ film was free to reinterpret characters that had recently been adapted for the big screen, including the casting of Barry Keoghan as the Joker. suicide squad And Zack Snyders Justice LeagueJared Leto. with BatmanThe primary antagonist of Paul Dano’s Riddler, The Clown Prince of Crime, appeared in only a brief cameo scene within Arkham Asylum, which kept the character mostly obscure. However, a newly released Batman joker deleted scene Keoghan’s villain as he exchanges dialogue with Batman through the reinforced glass of an Arkham visiting booth.

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While only parts of his face were visible at a time in the deleted scene, it Batman edit joker image from twitter user @AaronBaileyArt Reveals the full form of Keoghan as a mythological character. While the eyes of the audience will continue to be drawn to his matted lips and teeth, which display significant marks in this clown design, the actor’s eyes take on new significance in this overall image. Even though his mouth is distorted into a sinister grin, the villain’s sunken eyes are steady and cold, a striking counter to Pattinson’s intense, active stare. Batman, See original post below:

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fan response to BatmanK Joker deleted the scene, which viewers initially accessed through Riddler’s marketing website by answering new puzzles, has been going strong so far. While the vast majority applaud Keoghan for being Batman’s arch enemy, as well as the character’s jarring design, many are divided on whether the scene should have been removed in the first place. Reeves excised silence of the Lambs-esque exchange because it did not serve narrative momentum, and although some agree with his assessment after seeing it, others have argued that it would only advance larger world building BatmanGotham is.

The decision to release the film’s footage in its entirety still in theaters rather than as part of the home video package suggests that Batman The franchise has plans for the character. Reeves has said that the cameo included in the theatrical cut was not confirmed. Keoghan’s Joker as batman 2 Villain, but there’s no reason he couldn’t serve as Batman’s Hannibal Lecter in the sequel; The second HBO Max spinoff shows that the pivot from GCPD to Arkham could also be a way for him to develop further. Despite this, the reaction of the fans on this Batman The Joker deleted scene would certainly put pressure on the studio to bring Keoghan back in some capacity.

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