Batman, Harley Quinn and the Joker Are Officially DC’s Strangest Wedding

When the Joker takes on a facelift, he unwittingly becomes involved in a strange marriage between Batman and his ex, Harley Quinn.

Warning! This article contains spoilers Batman: Beyond the White Knight #2

Even after being separated from loved ones Joker in the most extreme possible way, Harley Quinn still finds himself embroiled in his own life in the dark alternate future of DC Comics, which strangely involves batman, While it’s no secret that Harley and the Joker have had their own twisted romance in the past, love seems to have inadvertently rekindled, throwing Batman, Harley Quinn, and the Joker into DC’s strangest wedding ever has gone.

Harley Quinn made her DC debut as a high-level henchman for the Joker and eventually became known as his girlfriend as her popularity grew. However, when the curtain on their relationship was lifted, it became clear that Harley Quinn was in an incredibly toxic and abusive relationship as the Joker let her down and even physically abused her at every turn. . While he had broken ties with that relationship some time ago, Harley Quinn recently made a permanent end To influence the life of the Joker by shooting him in the head and killing him Batman: Curse of the White Knight #6 by Sean Murphy. At least that’s what she thinks.

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in Batman: Beyond the White Knight #2 by Sean Murphy With Dave Stewart, Batman learns the dark truth that even though the Joker was murdered by Harley Quinn some time ago, the Joker lives on in his mind. While it looks like Batman is falling into complete psychosis, there is actually a technical reason for this shocking incident. When the two fought years ago, the Joker implanted a microchip in Batman’s head that completely captured the Joker’s consciousness. Even after his death, the Joker lived and was associated with Batman forever. While this may sound frightening on the surface, the situation actually proves to be the opposite. Joker Tells Batman That he is not here to torment her, but to help in any way possible, and he also tells her that the same goes for Harley Quinn. While his mission is to help them, the Joker is unaware of the progress of Bruce and Harley’s relationship after the murder. Apparently, Batman and Harley Quinn married after the Joker’s death because Harley called Bruce as her husband when she met him at one of his remote Batcaves at the end of the issue.

Batman, Harley Quinn and the Joker have the strangest marriage ever.

With the Joker in Batman’s mind now that Harley Quinn has unwittingly re-entered a relationship with him as Batman, what is actually a bizarre turn of events. While at one point the idea of ​​it would be terrifying, this version of the Joker is not the sadistic clown prince killed by Harley, but rather the original version of it. the man who became the clown, Jack Napier. In the previous series that carried it forward, Batman: The White Knight, the Joker was rectified and returned to his original identity. That didn’t seem to be the case, however, as she was killed by Harley after slipping back into her insane ‘clown’ persona. However, the version of the Joker living in Batman’s brain appears to be all Jack, and the issue implied that Jack really loves Harley Quinn just as he really loves Batman.

Harley Quinn was once completely obsessed with the Joker and wanted nothing more than his love and affection, although she reached her breaking point when he killed her. However, Jack is not the Joker and does not share his sinister qualities, so Harley could very well fall for him again As he clearly has feelings for her. However, the only person to know of the Joker’s continued existence is Batman, who is Harley’s current husband. Overall, this is a pretty weird love triangle and it’s bound to get even weirder as DC fans are only scratching the surface. batman, Harley QuinnAnd JokerStrange marriage.

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