Batman Confirms A Place In DC’s Universe He Can’t Go

Batman has a habit of suddenly appearing right behind people, but there is one place in the DC Universe where he can never pull off the trick.

WARNING: Contains spoilers for Superman: Son of Kal-El Annual #1!

DC’s batman is an incredibly strong superhero (for a human without powers, conversely Superman) but his real strength is his stealth abilities. With years of training, they have mastered the art of noticing enemy strongholds – allied domiciles. This is not always seen as affirmative action, especially by his friends, and in Superman: Son of Kal-El Annual #1, The Dark Knight Reveals The one place in the world he can’t pull off his classic sneak-wonder appearance.

In the current DC Comics continuity, Clark Kent has left Earth for parts unknown. he is saved His son as the protector of the planet, and as the new Superman, Jonathan Kent follows in his father’s footsteps as he struggles to be his own man. Still, without his father’s guidance, John sometimes feels lost, but Batman comes across an item that will help: a Kryptonian memory crystal containing messages from his father. Unfortunately, Batman doesn’t fall into his traditional style.

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when in His mother Lois Lane’s apartment (The Kent House was destroyed in an explosion by a metahuman several issues earlier) Superman hears the doorbell; He already knows who’s waiting to enter (thanks to his X-ray vision), but he’s puzzled nonetheless. Opening the door, he greets Batman “Batman knocks? I thought you’d show up in our kitchen or something.” Lois confirmed that Batman did exactly that – but only once, and he would never do it again. Lois follows her into attending his own house without explicitly announcing her presence.

Batman’s signature move – his disappearance – is often used to great effect on criminals and supervillains, but he also uses it on allies, especially commissioner gordon (starting Detective Comics #424 and continues today). No Using the technique on Lois shows that Batman actually respects not only boundaries, but some people as well. Despite their occasional animosity, Batman and Superman Huh Still good friends, so much so that Lois knows that Batman is secretly Bruce Wayne. It’s a secret that very few non-superheroes actually know; Batman’s well-known trust issues mean that people does Beliefs are few and far between.

Batman is sometimes portrayed as a dark, anxious character who rarely trusts anyone. outside your butler alfred and members of the Bat-family. With this revelation, it’s clear that Batman respects Clark’s family in a way he rarely does to others. of superman son is in good hands if batman Watching.

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