Bam Margera broke a few skateboarding bones, and won’t use painkillers because of his recent sobriety

Bam Margera seems to have not been having a good time over the years. between being kicked out jacks forever, are suing their former franchise co-starsand even being dragged to rehab by police, Margera has benefited greatly from this. The former professional skateboarder has finally started to change things and even recently reached a rehab milestone in his road to recovery, A testament to her dedication to her recent sobriety, Margera is reportedly taking painkillers after being hospitalized for some broken bones she received from the skateboarding trick Gone Array.

Displaying your life is hard, especially when you’re working through an addiction. It’s easy to feel like your life is falling apart when the media is basically there to confirm it. It only makes it even more impressive and respectable that Bam Margera is now rediscovering her sobriety and turning things around, even refusing pain medications for a very painful injury.

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