Bachelor Nation’s Hannah Brown Details the Murder of Her Aunt and Young Cousin – E! Online

It would take me a few days to understand that Auntie Lily and Robin and Trent were murdered. After that it would take months to put the pieces together, because no one wanted to talk about it. And it would take me years to get the full story, once I was old enough to see it all for myself on the internet.

The murder of a mother and two young children in their own home in a quiet small town was big news in Alabama. We sometimes saw story flashes on the news while the investigation was going on, and later when the trial was on, but my parents always changed the channel. They couldn’t take it. And clearly, they wanted us to forget about that too.

But I couldn’t forget. Although it scared me, I wanted to know more. I am like that. I kept quiet and held off on it for a few years, but I finally found the strength to google the matter. And the more clear and clear the story became, the more frightening it was.

When my mom told us that someone had come into their house and “hurt them,” it terrified me in the deepest parts of my heart. Like I said, I didn’t know the whole story with all the details until years later, but coming close to something so terrifying, so terrifying – it was a turning point for me. It changed everything. I was no longer living in the innocence of my untouched childhood.

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