Bachelor Nation’s Ashley Iaconetti weighs in on Katie’s “Joy” Thomas send-off — E! Online

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Bachelorette Star Katie thurston didn’t stop when farewell ceremony to the competitor Thomas In last night’s episode, which aired June 28. “Your Single The audition ends tonight, so get out,” Katie clapped after calling Thomas “selfish, unkind and a liar.”

Now, graduate nation fan favorite Ashley Iaconetti weighs on everyone Bachelorette Drama exclusively on E! News’ daily pope.

“I couldn’t believe that goodbye,” Ashley I revealed on Tuesday, June 29. “He was ruthless.”

Katie has definitely wowed fans with her no-nonsense approach to the ABC dating reality series. “I appreciate Katie not dealing with BS,” Ashley I continued. “I love that she’s weeding like this every week. If a guy has questions about her, she says goodbye.”

Still, Ashley I has a note for Katie dumping Thomas: “However, I thought it was extra,” she admitted. “He was very harsh, because Every man in that house has thought he might be the Bachelor of the future

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