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“The Bachelor”: Lauren Burnham and Arie Luendik Jr. bring the newborn home

Lauren Burnham Not feeling very pink after coming down with a bad case of mastitis.

according to husband Ari Luendik Jr..The 29-year-old mother of three is in hospital for suppressing painful swelling in her breast tissue. She shared a picture of Lauren in a hospital bed on her Instagram story, writing, “No good, mastitis getting worse even on antibiotics. Hate it.”

Ari said she would stay overnight after receiving antibiotics through an IV drip and having scans to look for possible abscesses. “She’s going through a lot this week,” she shared with regret.

The father of three locked the fort last weekend while Lauren was recovering in bed. The 39-year-old joked, “I was with the kids all weekend. Survival over here haha.”

Lauren. more than a month has passed gave birth to twins senna And lux on June 11. Since then, the family of five has overcome its fair share of hardships, including His baby girl admitted to the army hospital. According to Ari, the newborn stayed in the intensive care unit for a week because he “needed oxygen.”

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