Australian Survivor: Mark’s victory ranks

In the finale of Australian Survivor: Blood We Water, ex-SAS Commander Mark Wells emerges victorious, but how does Mark rank among fellow winners?

Network 10 season 7 Australian Survivor Its winner has been crowned: author and former SAS commander Mark Wells. Mark was one of four players to return in the season, joining fellow Australians Sam Gush and Andy Meldrum. American Survivor legend sandra diaz-twine, Mark originally. played in season 2 of Australian Survivor in 2017, but he was quickly eliminated as he was perceived by his tribe as a threat due to his physical strength and budding relationship with Sam.

after meeting Survivor, Mark and Sam’s romance blossomed, and the two married and started a family shortly after their time on the show. they joined the cast of Australian Survivor Season 7, A blood v water season and dominate the game together. They joined forces after merging to eliminate their competitors, becoming the last darling pair in the game before Sam was voted eighth. Mark then won a unanimous jury vote against Shay Lajoie and Chrissy Zaremba.

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though he didn’t play most exciting game in blood v waterMark pulled off one of the most prominent wins Australian Survivor History. He ranks very high among winners in terms of overall control and skill displayed on his path to the Soul Survivor title. Despite his imposing physique and past Survivor Experience, he deftly managed his threat level throughout the game and formed strong bonds with his clan mates, constantly positioning himself to avoid being pushed behind by other threats. Mark found a Hidden Immunity Idol along the way, and when his wife Sam received another idol in one of the show’s most brutal and iconic blindsides, Mark convinced many of his fellow cast members that the second idol was a creation. He bought his lie to his detriment, as he continued to gather power in the game on his journey to victory.

Mark’s only major hiccup came when he wasn’t able to To save Sam from elimination Without sacrificing one idol and when he misjudged the second idol in the last six. As he played the idol, he delivered a compelling performance of the moment that could have unfairly irked some jurors. He didn’t contest any votes in that tribal council, so he unnecessarily even burned a statue that could have automatically sent him to the last five. Mark, on the other hand, showed great resilience when he overcame a major turning point that could spell disaster for his game. The “purgatory” non-elimination wrinkle sent Mark’s three opponents back into the game after Mark’s coalition voted for him, but Mark continued and maneuvered his way through the obstacle before being suitably rewarded by the jury. Of.

Although many fans were disappointed with the season, in large part Show’s intense focus on Mark and Sam And it’s hard to blame Mark for the predictable, flat story of the season’s win. He did what he had to do to win the game, and he played arguably the second strongest winning game ever Australian Survivor, In college all stars Winner David Janet, One of the Greatest Survivor Players always outnumber the mark as a winner. Unlike David, though, Mark and Sam are unlikely to win any fan-voted popularity contests anytime soon, but they are probably happy with the arrangement, which has received a hefty cash prize from Mark’s influencer. Australian Survivor Victory.

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