At the Latest Bullet Train Premiere, Brad Pitt Skipped the Skirt, But Wears a Bright Lime

bullet train Moving on, because ahead of this week’s wide release, critical reactions to Brad Pitt’s latest are pouring in to the station. As the man himself is showing off some smart fashion gimmicks on the red carpet, Pitt recently wore an amazing skirt To promote the film in Berlin. However, at the Hollywood premiere of director David Leach upcoming movieBrad Pitt skipped the skirt and opted for a bright lime green ensemble to make his latest statement.

Funny enough, this could be a sly reference to the competition bullet train Hitman Lemon (Brian Tyree Henry) and Tangerine (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) as they are two sides trying to thwart Brad Pitt’s ladybug in her quest. There’s clearly no rivalry on this carpet though, as Pitt and all involved are nothing but smiles. Enough has been spoken though, let’s talk about Brad Pitt’s fit:

(Image credit: Photo by Albert L’Ortega/Getty Images)

From the very beginning, Pitt’s look has been acting like a charm. Contrast that with a lime green suit is a teal polo shirt, which creates a sharp yet pleasing contrast to the rest of the outfit. the wind is blowing who made pitt in favor of skirts first, But she smiles saying that this trade-off was no trouble. Let’s take a step back now, and see what’s up with the rest of this ensemble.

Brad Pitt on the red carpet of Bullet Train

(Image credit: Photo by Axel/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

opening the pink carpet on which everyone bullet train The premiere walk highlights only the top-notch choices from Brad Pitt’s stylists. Everything becomes difficult when put in front of that description; What looks like a pair of Adidas in particular are a pale yellow with red stripes.

Our own Eric Eisenberg noted in our official review for bullet train In the film he is promoting now, Pitt has “a blast”. That image only shines brighter with this latest premiere look, as Brad Pitt has done it again, no question. So how does her fresh and spirited outfit match up with the rest? bullet train Cast look? Perhaps a picture of the entire cast lined up together will answer that question:

Bullet train cast on the red carpet

(Image credit: Photo by Axel/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

If there’s any “most colorful” exaggeration, Brad wins it with no contest. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, everyone else bullet train The ensemble is worn mostly in neutral colors, they are no less stylish. brad pitts bullet train Companions certainly appreciated his lively ways, as you can see in this official instagram From last night’s fizzle:

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