As reggae-gen page tops James Bond odds once again, a surprise contestant further complicates Tom Hardy’s chances

007 odds have seen a recent jump Saint Reggae-jean page taking top spot once again, With the most recent pack of contenders looking pretty familiar, there’s not a ton of shocking data pointing to a successor to Daniel Craig in history. james bond movies, That is, unless you’re Tom Hardy, as in poison The actor is perhaps stunned to see his chances more complicated by a surprising contender.

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Aidan Turner has jumped on Tom Hardy

As per latest update from US-Bookie, Hardy has slipped into a fourth-place tie with fellow perennial hopeful Michael Fassbender. Appearing in a 9/1 stalemate with former Magneto falling from 4/1, one has to wonder who can beat a man with the power of symbiosis? Obviously, the answer is a dwarf, as hobbit/poldark Star Aidan Turner is currently in third place. Here’s a look at where the current James Bond standings are:

  • Reggae-Jean Page – 11/4
  • Henry Cavill – 4/1
  • Aidan Turner – 6/1
  • Tom Hardy/Michael Fassbender – 9/1
  • Idris Elba – 10/1
  • James Norton – 12/1
  • Cillian Murphy – 18/1
  • Jamie Dornan/Tom Hooper – 25/1

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