Arrow Waits Katie Cassidy to Direct Her Debut, But Quentin Lance Might Not Approve

Although Katie Cassidy is primarily known for her TV outings, such as playing Juliet Sharp gossip Girl And in various versions of Laurel Lance in the Arrowverse, she has also appeared in a handful of movies over the years. Well, the actress is about to take a big step forward with the film part of her career, as it has been announced that she will be directing her first film. However, the subject matter may not appeal to Paul Blackthorne’s Quentin Lance, Laurel’s father. Arrow,

Katie Cassidy’s feature directorial debut is titled Daddy issues, which he co-wrote with Maria Betrand and Meg McCaig. Description of the movie. done by time limit As a coming-of-age story about three women in Los Angeles who “should have already been bullied,” but are “unable to escape the dysfunction of the relationship they learned from their father.” So while the two main versions of Laurel Lance Arrow shared a close relationship with Quentin Lance (though that’s not to say there weren’t rocky moments), Daddy issues Will focus on the negative ways that the respective fathers of three have imprinted on them.

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