Arietta of Spirits Review: A Fascinating Nostalgia Trip

Arietta of Spirits is a short but sweet top down adventure that has an impact up its sleeve, but there’s a lot of fun within it.

Isometric RPGs have seen a renaissance through games like Pillars of Eternity And Divinity: Original Sin, while the indie horror scene has proven to be a perfect testing ground for new ideas. arietta of spirits, from developer Third Spirit Games, emulates the feel of top-down action adventure games of old.

arietta of spirits Casts the player as the character Titanic, a thirteen-year-old girl returning to her grandmother’s isolated island cabin for the first time since her demise. There, he discovers a connection to the spirit realm, and must attempt to uncover the island’s secrets and solve the problems of friendly spirits. However, not every resident is cordial to the young visitor.

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Undoubted, arietta of spirits There are some relatively obvious effects. It is a top-down adventure game with a heavy focus on combat, exploration and puzzle solving, and therefore draws some strong similarities to the likes of Soon saga of zelda Play Or Mind Chain. There’s nothing particularly new during their short time here, but that’s not a bad thing for those who want a real piece of nostalgia.

Arietta of Spirits Combat

for example, arietta of spirits Follows a very similar template. The player must explore the island fighting monsters and bosses along the way, each time acquiring new equipment and power-ups such as health upgrades to help them along their journey. A little more variation would be better – the player is limited to attacking, dodging, and using magic shields – but it’s solid enough for anyone who’s played those earlier games.

Third Spirit in particular uses a strong balance between these skills, especially in post-game boss fights that can almost start to feel like a bullet hell And truly test the player’s knowledge of dodge and shield usage. A few twists are also found throughout the game, with perfectionists collecting a handful of items for merchant spirit Midri or finding lost spirit cubs scattered around the island. who expect something long and complicated like the old zelda games can be found arietta of spirits want, but at least it’s not out of its welcome.

Although arietta of spirits In general, the game tries to keep the player on a linear path if the player tries to complete those side quests. At times it can feel tight and well rounded, like the silver mine maze at the tail end of the game. It’s also a segment where the game’s story is taken up a notch, with a darker tone that makes Arietta’s connection to the spirit world feel more serious.

Spirits Boss's Arietta

Overall the game’s narrative is well told, with a good selection of if not great characters that serve their purpose well. During this, arietta of spirits Successfully intertwines individual story and extensive lore, grounding the player before consideration of multiple areas becomes too heavy. It is unlikely to last long in memory, but still serves its purpose in forming an emotional attachment.

in appearance arietta of spirits Marks also. It manages to have a similar retro aesthetic to choice stardew valley And Shovel Knight, looks like he’s gone straight out of the 16-bit era What would not have been possible while flourishing at the time, such as the SNES, would allow for more complex transparency and lighting. It’s an experience that will be great for anyone who has an older CRT television.

arietta of spirits A safe but enjoyable top-down action adventure game. It has fun if simplistic gameplay and a solid story that provides a strong emotional core to keep the player engaged. It’s not a must-play game, but it certainly ticks all the right boxes for those on the hunt to recover nostalgia even the top franchises of the genre have given up on. .

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arietta of spirits Will release today, August 20, 2021, for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Screen Rant was provided with a PS4 download code for the purposes of this review.

Our Rating:

3.5 out of 5 (Very Good)

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