Are Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross ready for another child? She says… – E! online

Are more kids in the cards Ashlee Simpson And evan rosso, The answer is… complicated.

When asked by E! News If they plan to expand their family, Ashley replied, “I think we’re done” while Evan said, “We’ll see.”


Evan admitted that he “doesn’t have to do all the work” despite being ready to have more kids. Ashley said, “She’s ready for more! I love being pregnant and being a mother, but I’ll let you know if I change my mind.”

couple welcomed a baby In January 2021, Ziggy Bailey Ross, The couple has their second child after their 6-year-old daughter at 18 months jagger ross, Ashley is also a mother bronx wentz13, which he calls ex. shares with Pete Wentz,

Now over a year old, Ziggy has started to “jibber jabbers and say cute things,” Ashley said. “That calls Ross and Jagger.”

The couple exclusively spoke to E! on the news Kathy HiltonAs National Pet Month debuted the Hello Dog collar, they are on two completely different pages. Both’s dog is a member of a treasured family to such an extent that Ziggy calls the pooch “Mama”.

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