Animal Crossing’s black market: which villagers are worth the most (and why)

Animal Crossing: New Horizons includes several villagers that can be found and invited to a player’s island, but villagers can also be purchased.

Selecting Villagers for One Animal Crossing: New Horizons Community can be a daunting task. new Horizons Boasts 397 villagers to choose from and each has different charms and setbacks for fans to weigh in before inviting them home. while most animal cross With villagers found randomly during gameplay, the fan-made website Nukazone allows players to skip the quest and buy their favorite villager with in-game currency. While this can be a great way to speed up a town’s population adaptation, some of the more popular characters can come at a heavy cost.

in present Animal Crossing: New HorizonsPlayers can have up to ten villagers living in their island city at any one time. These villagers are not permanent, sometimes choosing to pack up and move on to new adventures. Because of this, it is possible to sample a large variety of rural available new Horizons, Keeping daily interactions with the community fresh and interesting. To obtain these villagers in traditional gameplay, players can purchase a street corner ticket and travel to a random mystery island. If the player has an open space on his island, there is a chance of a villager laying eggs randomly. no guarantee animal cross However, Villagers can pop up, which can be frustrating for those searching for a specific character.

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To help take the tedious search away, the website Nukazone offers Animal Crossing: New Horizons Players have the ability to buy villagers from other players. To use this service, players can explore the options available under the Villager tab, select the desired character, and purchase the ability to invite a villager from another player at the cost of in-game currency or items. Huh. While some characters like Rocco the Hippo or Al Gorilla cost 50,000 bales or less, Popular animal cross characters like raymond the cat Millions can go for the Bells players need to save to get the villagers they want.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Exclusive Villagers Are Expensive

animal crossing judy

According to Nukazone, currently five . Huh Animal Crossing: New Horizons Villagers are selling for 2 million bales or more. This includes Raymond for 5 million, Judy for 3 million and Marshall, Ankah and Lucky for 2 million. Raymond and Judy were introduced new Horizons, and has been extremely popular with fans since the game’s release for its lovely aesthetics and fetching difficulty. Because of this, it doesn’t look like their prices on Nukazone will drop in the near future.

While nothing has been confirmed by Nintendo, other than new Animal Crossing: New Horizons exclusive villager Future content updates could be a way to knock some of the more expensive Villagers into a more affordable price range. Adding new villagers will also be a way to help freshen up the gameplay for those who have already downloaded a . have achieved Animal Crossing: New Horizons The community, full of popular or sought-after characters, encourages fans to shake up the city’s dynamics with new options.

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Source: Nukazone

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