Angelina Jolie spends more time at dinner with ex Johnny Lee Miller – E! Online

In 2014, she remembered meeting your ex husband On the set of the 1995 thriller hackers, saying that she associates the film with “love”.

Angelina shared, “That’s where I met Johnny, who is still a great friend.” “So when I think of him I think of him. Although, I’m sure the movie looks pretty old now, but we had a lot of fun making it.”

After their split in 1999, Angelina married Billy Bob Thornton And brad pittwhile Johnny was married Michelle Hicks. They are both divorced from their respective partners and are currently single.

Angelina has remained single since her divorce from Brad, telling British Vogue in February that he “has been focusing on healing our familyNow that she has six children grown up, she said, “[Happiness is] Coming back slowly, as the snow is melting and the blood is returning to my body.”

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