Andrew Garfield Admits He Was Writing About Slaps Will Smith During Kevin Costner Moment In Oscars Broadcast, But Doesn’t Feel Great About It

When Will Smith slaps Chris Rock Not only did it ignite controversy at the Academy Awards, which ultimately led to Smith is being banned from the Oscars, it launched a thousand memes. One of them came from an image of Andrew Garfield, who was sitting on the show apparently texting someone. And it turns out that Garfield had been messaging friends about the incident, something she now feels as bad as it was during one of the show’s high points.

during an appearance on sight To promote your new series, under the banner of heaven, Andrew Garfield was asked about the message he sent during the ceremony. He admitted that when Kevin Costner was debuting the Best Director category, giving a glimpse of the show about the power and history of cinema, he took a moment to tell his friends what Oscar theater was like chasing a slap, He says that now he feels very bad about it. Garfield explained…

I feel so bad because Kevin Costner introduces the director nominees in the most beautiful and elegant way, and I think ‘There’s no way I can be on camera for this.’ And everyone is messaging me, asking me what is the atmosphere in the room. And at the time my friends preferred Kevin. But I feel really bad about it.

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