An Encanto song secretly reveals Mirabel’s gift – theory explained

While it doesn’t seem like Mirabelle got any gifts in Disney’s Encanto, the opening song may fully reveal Mirabelle’s secret power.

Although it appears that Mirabelle does not receive the gift encanto, the film’s opening song can subtly reveal the true power of the character. Mirabel Madrigal (Stephanie Beatriz) can’t seem to catch a break at Disney encanto, Mirabel’s family members all receive magical gifts Abuela Alma (Maria Cecilia Botero) The night received her husband died. For example, sisters Luisa (Jessica Darrow) and Isabella (Diane Guerrero), aka Mirabelle, gain super strength and the ability to make flowers, respectively. However, Mirabelle does not receive the gift during her childhood ceremony, and her relationship with Alma deteriorates due to her lack of powers. Of course, Mirabelle’s lack of gifts eventually leads her to help her family when their magical home begins to crack, which has also inspired various Mirabelle fan theories.

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encanto is full of tracks coming from the mind of Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda, and animated music is already experiencing unprecedented success. Earworm “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100, five weeks later debuting at number 50. It is the second Disney song to reach that position, following aladdin“a whole new world”in 1993. The entire soundtrack also spent several weeks at the top of the Billboard 200 album chart.

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Mirabelle’s lack of gifts defines her life, but of encanto The opening song could change things. Mirabell started encanto Introducing his magical family in the opening song “The Family Madrigal”. Although one of the lyrics of the song is telling. Mirabell sings about her sisters during the song, saying, “Beauty and courage do no wrongA fan theory (via) reddit) points out that the only thing missing from that statement is “BrainSince Mirabel already had the brains to take over as the leader of the family after Abuela Alma, Miracle didn’t need to give her an extra gift.

Encanto’s Mirabelle Has Always Received Her Gift

Encanto.  Three split images of Isabella, Luisa and Mirabelle from

encanto fan theory The film seems to fill important gaps. Since Mirabelle has two sisters who represent beauty and talent, it makes sense that her gift is mind/smart. After all, having a female trio with beauty, brains and brains is a common practice in storytelling. Although, encanto Says Mirabel is not a brain and puts a twist on her. everywhere encanto, Mirabel dares to find out why the magical house is falling apart, and that she doesn’t need supernatural gifts to accomplish her goal. All he needed is his intelligence and determination, and that was all he had.

encanto never fully explains Mirabel’s lack of gifts. Although Mirabelle is shown as the future leader of the Madrigals at the end of the film, it is not clear why she never received the powers during her ceremony. Although Mirabell lacks gifts Maybe because she had brains, there are theories that Mirabel may have sabotaged her own ceremony as well. Regardless, Mirabelle will lead her family and her village into the future, reassuring that the Madrigals have the beauty, brains, and courage to create the future they choose.

Other Encanto Mirabelle Fan Theories That Made Her Character Better

Mirabelle Gifts Crunch Abuela Mistakes Encanto

encantoThe runaway success of The Runaway has resulted in several other Mirabelle fan theories that not only make sense, but also give a lot of depth to the character, and some theories run deeper than others. For example, one theory suggests that upon touching a door knob, Mirabel unconsciously and immediately activated her gift: the power to bend and manipulate reality. Like Mirabelle’s Aunt Pepa, whose control over the weather is dictated by her emotions, Mirabelle’s fear of not receiving the gift may have prompted everyone around Mirabelle to change with her perspective. in this Darkness encanto mirabelle fan theory, the entire Madrigal family and the entire town are caught up in the fictional nightmare-reality of Mirabelle, who is also responsible for the musical aspect of the film. In fact, Cassita’s breakup may have been a result of Mirabelle seeing her cousin Camilo receive the gift, as she probably didn’t get one, which could have driven Mirabelle’s powers insane. Curiously, this particular theory makes encanto A kid-friendly version of the MCU wandavisionIn which the Scarlet Witch subconsciously controls the mind and provides a fabricated reality to the entire city of Westview.

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Meanwhile, another encanto The theory states that when Mirabelle reaches for the door during the ceremony, the door did not disappear, but rather, it became the new front door of the magical house of Madrigal. This theory is supported by several facts. During the end of encanto, Abuela Alma reveals that he asked Pedro for help and Pedro responded by sending Mirabel. apart from this, encanto The casita’s front door ends with Mirabel’s image engraved on it, which suggests that the casita’s entrance was Mirabel’s. In fact, despite having no obvious gifts, Mirabelle is the one to whom Cassita responds the most. Whether or not these theories reveal the truth about Mirabelle, it is clear that encanto has managed to capture the imagination of its audience, which bodes well for Disney’s potential plans Encanto 2,

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