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take care, Marie Kondo, amy poehler A new look at cleanliness.

Say goodbye to the dust and unwanted stuff Poehler will produce Peacockupcoming unwritten series of The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning, I! The news was received on 8 April.

Hour-long series—based on Swedish artist Margareta MagnussonThe non-fiction book of the same name is a makeover show based on the Swedish practice of dostading, or death cleaning, where people remove and get rid of unnecessary items.

In each episode, a different homeowner will be visited by a Swedish death cleaner to help them organize their homes and uncover and undo a decades-long collection. Homeowners will then be encouraged to pass the items on to their loved ones, including friends and family.

The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning Designed and manufactured by the creator of the original queer eye, Scout Productions, and Poehler Paper Kite Productions. And the actress is as excited as we are.

“We at Scout are very excited to be working on such a life-affirming project with the talented creators,” Poehler, 50, said in a statement. “Swedish Death Cleaning reminds us to focus on what’s really important, and we couldn’t find a better team to make this journey than Peacock and the incredible Scout team.”

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