Amanda Knox is pregnant a month after her miscarriage was announced – E! Online

After suffering a painful loss, Amanda Knox There is a joyous reason to celebrate.

34-year-old writer, who was eventually acquitted of murder his roommate’s affair Meredith Kerche, announced during her latest episode podcast, labyrinths, that she is pregnant. “This is right,” Husband Christopher Robinson She said after playing the audio of taking a positive pregnancy test. “we’re pregnant!” They shouted in unison.

immediately after robinson proposed a month ago, Couple Legally tied the knot in December 2018 And later celebrated with a wedding in February 2020. Then, during a podcast episode in July, Knox opened up about experiencing a miscarriage in the first episode of her podcast series focused on infertility.

“We sat with a miscarriage for a while,” Knox told listeners at the time, “trying to recover and failing.”

Reflecting on her efforts to get pregnant again, Robinson also shared, “It feels like trying more. Until you fail at something, you don’t know what it’s like to lose.” Is.”

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