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For every awards season, a speech killer is born, and this year has been the stage title troy kotsuriwho ended the biggest season of his long career Best Supporting Actor Award codaIn which he played a career fisherman struggling to let his hearing daughter, who acts as the ears of the entire family, follow her dreams out of town.

Presenter and Best Supporting Actress of the Year eun yuh-jung The winner signed as well as announced him and was happy to hold the statue of Kotsur while giving his speech at the ASL, which resulted in applause from the audience and tears on many faces.

“It’s really amazing that our film, coda, It has reached around the world,” Kotsur said through a translator. It also reached the White House. He planned to teach the Bidens some “filthy sign language, but Marlee Matlin Asked me to treat myself. “Don’t worry, Marley, I won’t drop any f-bombs in my speech today.”

Matlin, who plays his wife in the film, was the first deaf artist to win the Best Actress, Acting Oscar for 1986. children of a little godAnd Kotsur is only second.

He also shared that his late father was the best signer he had ever known, before he was knocked down by the neck in a car accident and could no longer communicate. “Dad, I learned a lot from you,” said Kotsur. “I will always love you, you are my hero. I just wanted to say that this is dedicated to the deaf community, the Koda community and the disabled community. This is our moment.”

Wait, you are doing Weeping?! We’re crying too!

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