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dusk Star takes up royal challenge wigwhich is like this Princess Diana During an important weekend in her life: December 1991, when she decided to leave her husband, prince charles,

Although the film only focuses on a small fraction of the time, the Best Actress nominee spent four months researching the late royal.

“The script doesn’t claim to know anything, it doesn’t include any black-and-white details,” Stewart said. Diversity, “But I read everything. And somehow, in a way, in a way, the script subtly substantiated everything I learned. So it was really cool that Crown was in existence. And it was really cool that we have all these documentaries and this developed relationship with what happened.”

To counter Diana’s voice, Stewart worked with a dialect coach. William Conacher, who trained Emma Korin for the crown and Naomi Watts when he played people’s princess in 2013 Diana,

For Body Transformation, Hair & Makeup Designer wakana yoshihara Two wigs were created, each costing around $6,000, to hold Diana’s feathered bob.

Yoshihara shared, “The process took about six weeks, and I dyed the wig probably three times before I met Kristen.” in style, “When we did the first fitting I knew the color wasn’t right, so I repainted it.”

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