All-female protector of the king of Siamese

“Very fierce.” “Warrior queen, castle guard or siege, pirate, or street duel.” “Elegant or cruel.” These are just some of the phrases Jessica Salmonson uses to describe the female Amazons of world history. And once upon a time, an enigmatic group of such fierce women pervaded the Kingdom of Thailand. This group was the all-female bodyguard of the King of Siam. The establishment replaced 600 European mercenaries and Christian samurai soldiers in 1688, and was responsible for the protection of the entire royal family and the grounds of the crown. Salmonson, author of encyclopedia of amazonThey are all called the best trained force in Siam.

King Chulalongkorn and the Royal Family

Called Chrome Clones, the group consisted of 400 women. These were divided into four battalions of 100 guards each. The battalions were also captained by women. The passing of the baton from captain to captain was initiated after a careful process of selection under the direct jurisdiction of King Chulalongkorn.

Each woman confessed to herself at the age of 13, and joined the army by 25. Since then she has become a part of the royal guard. Women take an oath of purity upon entering the Amazon palace. This was a non-negotiable section of the job, unless, of course, the king did not like any female guards. Every candidate was strong and handsome as a prerequisite, and walked around in fine uniform after selection. She will wear knee-length woolen robes embroidered in gold, and a gilt cask on her head. On state occasions his weapon was a lance, but he otherwise carried a gun and was also trained in using a pistol. His skill was extraordinary, and had to be, as he trained twice every week on the grounds near the city.

krome klone

Lady Protector of King Chulalongkorn

The king and his brothers went to their sessions once a month to oversee the training of these women. The battalion’s military organization was impeccable and impressive: the martyrs were honored with honorable funerals; The survivors were sentenced to two months of oblivious fasting and prayer as a disciplinary measure. The strength and composition of the battalion was followed in other areas of the army as well. In Burma, a similar bodyguard was established to protect the kingdom’s princes. Several works discussed the immense potential of these women over time. For example, Anna Leonowens’ 1873 book Harem romance-Although it was criticized for factual inaccuracy – the captain’s demeanor was described in great detail, which he addressed as Ma Ying Tapan or the Great Mother of War.

The King of Siam went nowhere without his Chrome clone. All Amazons had only one purpose and duty: security. So he was assigned five black women who took care of all the household chores for him. Freed from any other duty, each Amazon focused only on its job as a guard and protector. Chrome clones were disbanded by the 19th century only because of dwindling recruitment numbers.

The ideal of the female Amazon has been around for generations. As meanings and traditions are lost in translations, the importance of women at war in the records of history loses its intensity. But this does not take away from the fact that women soldiers are present and carry out their duties with impeccable devotion. Athena was the Greek goddess of war and wisdom; Vera Bucharev led the Women’s Battalion of Death of Russia during World War I. Thousands of women have forged history with tales of valor and luck, and continue to do so through the endless transcendence of time. Can you name some people of the 21st century?


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