Alicia Vikander recalls filming some nude scenes didn’t feel protected

When it comes to an actor’s job, we often focus on the unbelievable aspects – such as traveling to incredible places to play characters for a living, filming badass stunt sequences or playing with their peers and moviegoers. to be recognized by your work. Alicia Vikander may be checking off all the things she has to list in her career so far, but lately she’s been blunt about one aspect of the industry she’s felt particularly uncomfortable about: nudity and intimates. sight.

Vikander, the one who made waves attractive leadership of East MachinaOur Latest Lara Croft in 2018 tomb Raider And an actress who repeatedly watches other acclaimed films like man from uncle And the green nightshared with Harper’s Bazaar Her feelings on shooting nude and sex scenes over the years. In his words:

The only thing that can’t be improved is an intimate scene – you have to create the choreography and stick to it. Doing those scenes is the worst thing ever. I’m very comfortable with my body and I’ve done a lot of nudity and sex scenes, but it’s never easy. [Intimacy coaches] Should have existed at the beginning of my career. I’ve been in situations that weren’t okay, where I didn’t feel I was safe. [On one occasion] Everyone was busy doing their job and in the middle you have an actor who sits there naked for a few hours. And someone should have come with the robe, and they don’t come. It comes later – it just wasn’t right. I should have been taken care of.

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