Afterparty is underway for these three lucky stars in Season 2 – E! online

three stars of afterparty Snatched up a special invite to season two!

Sam Richardson And zo chao Apple TV+ will return for season two of the murder mystery series. they join tiffany hadishoWhose return was announced in March.

Tiffany will reprise her role as Det. Danner, back to solve another murder, this one at a wedding, according to the Dreamer. Sam and Zoe will reprise their roles of Anik and Zoe from season one, which took place after a high school reunion.

At the end of the first season, Aeek and Zoey end up in a relationship, so could it be their wedding? If it is, and Det. Danner included, it’s safe to say that married life isn’t off to a good start!

second season of afterparty Welcome to some of the best of television: Office Star Zach Woods, weeds Star Elizabeth Perkins, hacks Star poppy liu And pen15‘s Anna Konkle,

Paul Walter Hauser, Jack Whitehall And Vivian Wu Round out the stellar ensemble.

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