After Will Smith’s Apology, Chris Rock Responds Through His Stand-Up Act

A major development came after Will Smith’s Oscar event last week. several months later Star slaps Chris Rock on stage (and the internet exploded as a result), Smith breaks silence and apologizes For the star at the moment of polarization. King Richard Star said that whenever Rock is “ready to talk” he is here. The comedian doesn’t seem to have contacted Smith yet, though he recently shared a one-of-a-kind reaction via a stand-up act.

Since the Academy Awards, Chris Rock has largely been back on his grind and has performed at multiple venues over the past few months. They also did on a large scale Show with Kevin Hart and Dave Chappelle at MSG last weekend. On Friday, The Rock performed in Atlanta as part of his Chris Rock Ego Death World Tour (Via CNN) just hours after Will Smith dropped his video. Although The Rock did not directly address the apology, he did mention it. i’m great Star discussing the victims:

Everyone is trying to be a fucking victim. If everyone claims to be the victim, no one will listen to the real victims. Even I was being teased by Suge Smith… I went to work the next day, I had kids.

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