After Fast X director Justin Lin exits, Michelle Rodriguez says new director hasn’t done anything fast for ‘A Very Long Time’

fast and furious The franchise is one of the most popular and financially successful, the film franchise gets underway today, and the series is in the midst of filming its tenth entry. whereas All the popular characters that fans love will be back fast x And with many more influential names joining in, the one person who won’t hold back is often franchise director Justin Lin, but star Michelle Rodriguez says new fast x director Louis Leterrier Something special is adding to the new film.

Fans were a little worried when Justin Lin, who directed Five of the Five fast and furious till date movies, out of direction fast x Due to unspecified constructive differences. Lynn has since to . have signed direct a live-action one-punch man Movies, was brought in his place transporter Director Louis Leterrier. speak with heart At SDCC, Michelle Rodriguez said that, while she was terrified to see Lynn on vacation after two weeks of filming, Leterrier came on board with an incredible amount of energy and love for the franchise, which has inspired everyone in a way. is excited. In the long run t. Rodriguez said…

He came with all this energy of love. In Fast & Furious we haven’t had something like this in a very long time where we cheer on someone who’s a real fan and who really wants to take it to places it hasn’t been before. We’ve been at this for 20 years, bro. After that time, you get tired and forget what you do for [until] A director like Louis comes over and reminds you, ‘It’s beautiful. Let’s do magic.’ We are very lucky that we have him brother.

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