According to Metacritic, FIFA’s 15 Greatest Video Games Ranked

For football fans, the annual release of fifa Video games are one of the most exciting points of the year, with fans being able to see what changes have been made to the classic soccer game. While there have been some spinoffs over the years with World Cup tournaments and games specific to popular sports. FIFA Street The series is changing, it is the traditional release that the audience loves.

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While the premise of the game is generally the same, with Manager Mode allowing gamers to take control of what leads a team, or people are able to create a player to take them to the heights of the football world. . but with Over 30 games in the franchiseWho has been the strongest?

Updated on October 7, 2021 by Kevin Pantoja: There is no doubt that the top soccer gaming series in the world is EA Sports’ FIFA. This means that over the years, some entries can be considered one of the best games anywhere, regardless of sport. This makes it particularly difficult to choose the best FIFA games for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, or any other platform on which they are released. Ratings given by game critics on Metacritic help determine which installments are actually the biggest in franchise history.

15 FIFA 08 (83)

Players celebrating a goal in FIFA 08

A lot of sports games released during this era had to deal with moving to a new generation of consoles. what is it part of fifa 08 Newer versions of the system, such as the PlayStation 3, received mixed reviews in some reviews, while the PlayStation 2 iteration scored stronger than the rest.

The biggest addition to the game was the Be A Pro mode, which is EA’s . is also the main attraction of NHL Chain. The mode allows you to control one player (other than the goalkeeper) throughout the game, making for a completely unique experience on the pitch. Improvements in manager mode and targeting AI were also welcomed.

14 FIFA 16 (84)

James Rodriguez in FIFA 16

History was made with the release of fifa 16 For the first time women players have been included in the game. This was especially timely given how much the United States women’s soccer team had influenced the world during that era. This was a huge change that was made for the better.

The gameplay itself remained a strong suit, with praise for how realistic things ultimately felt, especially when it came to defense and passing. It was also appreciated that women’s sports felt differently, as did NS NBA 2K suffrage The WNBA has since been added to the games.

13 FIFA 18 (84)

fifa 18 gameplay

According to Metacritic, this was actually the last great installment. fifa franchise, as the ratings of recent games have declined. Some of the awesome graphics in the game brought players to life in a whole new way, while the improvements in dribbling and shooting were a welcome change in the gameplay.

Passing was also addressed, with more range and crisper passes being provided. Plus, there were little details like quick replacements, which could have changed the game that meant everything just flowed and felt a lot more natural.

12 FIFA Soccer 2004 (84)

fifa football 2004

fifa football 2004 This was a big step forward for the franchise when it came to improving the gameplay experience. This gave gamers the opportunity to establish their team as to what happened with the ball, and allow other players to score runs, allowing people to feel what was happening to their team.

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The game really took the career mode aspect forward as well, upping things with the ability for players to train, set goals, and build a reputation, which would hit the player’s interest and budget. It was much more than just playing a game of soccer, which was important in enhancing the experience overall. it helped it stand out fifa Ranking of Games.

1 1 FIFA 07 Soccer (85)

Fifa 07 Soccer .  a goalkeeper in

One of the biggest selling points of this installment of the franchise was the number of teams and players it could access. There were about 30 different leagues available to choose from, allowing it to be as detailed as possible upon release.

it helped fifa 07 soccer one of the best fifa game ever made. The Xbox 360 version was particularly appreciated as it featured a new gameplay engine with better controls and physics. Care was also taken in the presentation aspect to ensure that the commentary and visuals were on point.

10 FIFA 2001 Major League Soccer (85)

A player sets up a free kick in FIFA 2001

The game was the earliest installment to score impressively on Metacritic. FIFA 2001 Major League Soccer. It was released on PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and PC, while the Game Boy Color version was eventually shelved. Obviously, the graphics weren’t nearly as strong as in later versions.

That being said, it looked quite good for its time and the gameplay worked well. Plus, it featured one of EA Sports’ signature soundtracks that always contained one or two memorable songs. It didn’t add a ton to the series, but was a solid game through and through.

9 FIFA Soccer 2005 (85)

fifa football 2005

In 2005 the franchise stepped up once again, with a real focus on passing in the sport. It made things crisper and more fluid, provided more realistic gameplay, and although the manager mode wasn’t the strongest in this particular game, the gameplay improvements made it one of the best ever.

This iteration also brought an online option for two players, which was a huge factor for the game. Giving people the option to play against each other is something that has taken the game even further with the online aspect of fifa Being one of its strengths.

8 FIFA 17 (85)

fifa 17

fifa 17 Most things are largely kept the same when it comes to the traditional gameplay, however, the game featured a major change with an entirely new mode. There was something new to add to ‘The Journey’ and it immediately set the game apart.

Producing a story mode to play, it followed a player as gamers had to lead him through the ranks and was a welcome change to the franchise. The story was detailed and allowed her a good amount of outside creative control when it came to her career and interactions with others.

7 FIFA 14 (87)


because it was the first time that fifa On both Xbox One and PS4, EA took full advantage and was really getting used to the full effect of the Ignite engine with graphics and gameplay.

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This allowed for a completely new experience for gamers who had been playing the franchise for a while. It was more advanced and the fact that taking the game up a notch really helped ensure that people continued to play like this. fifa went ahead.

6 FIFA Soccer 09 (87)

fifa 09

fifa 09 With everything about the game looking great, the graphics once again brought a big step forward. But it will be remembered for truly outperforming the BA Pro mode, which allowed players to develop as a player within a team, with a special focus on positional play as their scores.

It was a technical gameplay mode, and it was a lot of fun to experience when gamers combined with their individual players online. The rest of the aspects also worked for a really strong overall game.

5 FIFA Soccer 2003 (88)

Manchester United in FIFA Football 2003

this is one of the classic fifa Games that have stood the test of time are still seen as one of the greatest, despite the fact that technology has advanced a lot since its release. It was the one that brought in a lot of gamers as it has different varieties in terms of difficulty, which made the game more accessible to others.

The game saw a major focus on stadiums, fans and the overall experience, rather than just the gameplay. Adding in better celebrations made it even more fun, while the step-up was a nice addition to the graphics compared to before.

4 FIFA Soccer 11 (89)

A player dribbles in FIFA 11

Up to this point in the series, fifa Although established himself as the king of the game Pro Evolution Soccer It has managed to make it a true challenger in recent years. but when fifa soccer 11 Come on, it was still the toast of the city to the point where it won several awards as the top sports game of the year.

The game found success by expanding the online aspect with custom avatars and enhancing the gameplay on the PC version. Passing was given an overhaul, a few changes were made to the career mode, and fun additions to specific consoles, most notably Street Football for the Nintendo Wii.

3 FIFA Soccer 12 (90)

fifa 12

A lot of people enjoyed the career mode provided by this game, which immediately made it a hit for gamers. But it was really specific gameplay changes that made this version of the franchise so great. There was a lot of focus on dribbling, and this allowed closer touches and more accurate runs.

A bigger spotlight was also given to the defending side of the game, which made it easier to tackle, but also much more accurate, which also increased fouls. Making the actual gameplay as realistic as possible is always going to go down well with games like this, and that’s it. fifa 12 completely done.

2 FIFA Soccer 13 (90)

fifa 13 gameplay

The standard was set from low to high fifa 13, with the release of another great game, which received a Metacritic rating of 90. The game wasn’t perfect, as the touch that even the best players often disappointed gamers with, but it more than made up for in amazing graphics.

However, it took a big step forward with online gameplay, which made it playable again with friends. The game greatly changed Ultimate Team, with the addition of seasons for the first time that allowed promotion to earn more coins. This marked a turning point for the series with Ultimate Team becoming the major focus.

1 FIFA Soccer 10 (91)

fifa 10

Greatest game in franchise history fifa 10, which garnered an impressive 91 rating from Metacritic. EA put a lot of attention into the actual gameplay for this installment, which made it faster and faster to play with more quality for a more realistic experience.

However, the big reason this one was so successful was that there was a lot of enhancements to the manager mode. Whether it was visual sim technology or the importance of sponsorships changing finances, the mode became a lot more elaborate and it enhanced the game in the process.

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