According to JK Simmons, How Did the DC Multiverse Influence the Batgirl Movie?

JK Simmons, who returns in his Justice League role of Commissioner Gordon in the upcoming Batgirl, explains how the film fits into DC’s multiverse.

bat girl Star JK Simmons explains what his return to the film’s place in the DC Extended Universe means. bat girl, which is currently filming in Scotland, is being helmed by directors Adil El Arbi and Bilal Fallah from a script by Christina Hodgson, who previously wrote birds of prey and of 2022 flamboyant new to dc bat girl The film is eyeing a special HBO Max release, possibly in 2023. In addition to Simmons as Commissioner Gordon, bat girl stars Leslie Grace as his daughter, Barbara Gordon, who becomes Batgirl, as well as Brendan Fraser as Fireworks Villain Firefly,

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Simmons first appeared as Commissioner Gordon, the iconic batman character (most recently played by Ben McKenzie) Gotham And in Christopher Nolan’s Gary Oldman dark Knight Trilogy) 2017’s . In Justice League, Despite being incredibly fit for the role, the actor didn’t play much of a role in the events of the film. He also appeared in this year’s new Rickett edition Zack Snyders Justice League, but suffered a similar lack of screentime. It appears, Simmons was being set up to appear in further DC universe films, which did not end until later. Justice League failed to set the box office on fire, so it was a surprise to many to hear that he would be returning bat girl,

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Recently, Simmons spoke with looper (Via gecko’s den, To his own surprise, he is returning to the iconic role. However, he let it go that the film was a “new version of universe, “so the character would be in a slightly different continuity than Justice League, He learned that “Super Hero Multiverse“Sometimes”go in different directions“But he’s satisfied Commissioner Gordon is”Another important character in this time storyRead his full quote below:

“I was as surprised as I was then [Marvel] came back to tell me to [J. Jonah Jameson] That they were coming to me to play Commissioner Gordon, Batgirl’s father, in this new version of the universe… we’ve already had a lot of discussions about the script and how to play everything. It’s a more important character in the story this time around, which is great… When we were doing Zack Snyder’s Justice League, it was with this intention that we were laying the groundwork for these characters to expand. . And with these superhero multiverses, I think now they go in different directions.”

As he mentions in his quote, this isn’t the first time Simmons has revived an old comic book character in recent times. Even more confusing for a person who is still grasping the idea of ​​multiples, he appeared in Spider-Man: Far From Home Graff Newspaperman J. As Jonah Jameson, the character he first played in Sam Raimi’s original Spider Man trilogy, which began in 2002. The MCU’s Jameson differs significantly from the original role, being portrayed as a plot-ridden fear monger, even though to come Spider-Man: No Way Home Many other previous characters are set to return more or less to their original forms.

Justice LeagueThe failure to create a coherent DC universe is confusing for many fans, considering the fact that the film’s characters, including Jason Momoa aquaman and Ezra Miller flamboyant Still going to appear in follow-up films. However, bat girl Officially set in a different part of the multiverse, it will be able to work its way away from the burgeoning Batman lore of the current franchise. instead of admiring the Ben Affleck branch of the universe or its branch Robert Pattinson’s Upcoming Batman, Barbara Gordon has room to grow on her own.

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Source: Looper (via) gecko’s den,

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