A tearful Sharon Osbourne says she is “very concerned” about Ozzy Osbourne’s health in COVID-19 fight – E! online

Sharon Osbourne sharing my love for Ozzy Osbourne After that COVID-19 diagnosis.

In a video shared by talk uk Feather TwitterSharon shed tears as she explained that Ozzy had recently been diagnosed with the virus. However, she assured that he “talked to her and she is fine.”

Still, Sharon said she was distressed, adding, “I’m very worried about Ozzy right now. We’ve been catching COVID for two years without him and it’s just Ozzy’s luck that he’ll get it now.” “

How are the other members of Ozzy’s family coping? She predicted that everyone would rally for Osbourne’s chancellorship.

“Unfortunately, it was diagnosed in the middle of the night and they were all asleep, so I hadn’t spoken to them yet, but they would rally around,” she shared. “They’ll be with him.”

While Sharon is working as a host on TalkTV’s new show in the UK Conversation, she noted that she would return home to return to America on Ozzy’s behalf. She shared that the first thing she plans to do when she comes back is “hold him and kiss him but I think there are about three masks.”

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