A killer sleeping next to the corpses? That’s the case in this chilling snap: Notorious Peak – E! Online

worse than hell.

Snapped: Notorious The series airs Saturday, July 24 in a two-hour special airing on the infamous Cleveland Strangler. Snapped Notorious: The Cleveland Strangler Details of the discovery of eleven decomposed bodies in the former Marine’s home Anthony Sowell; The story is told through interviews with six survivors who managed to survive Sowell’s abuse.

E! In a special glimpse of, investigative journalist Beth Karasi shows a particularly gruesome case. “Ito [had] It’s been more than two years since women in the neighborhood started disappearing,” Kara tells of the break in the case, “and now the police make a shocking discovery.”

Cleveland Police storm Sowell’s Mount Pleasant home…and realize they’ve entered a “haunted house,” according to former detectives Martin Smith. “They observe two decomposed bodies on the floor,” says retired D.T. Smith of the Cleveland Police Department recalls. Working with flashlight only, date. Smith and Date. lemme griffin Visited the crime scene.

“I describe [it] As in a haunted house-type environment,” Smith recalls. “The more we found ourselves indoors, the stronger the smell became, and once we got to the third floor, it was very intense. “

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