90 Day Fiancé: Reasons Why Liz Forgave Big Ed After Abuse

Many 90 Day Fiancé fans are wondering why Liz Woods got engaged to Big Ed Brown. Here are the compelling reasons why he decided to forgive her.

There are many possible reasons why 90 Days: Single Life Star Liz Woods may have forgiven Big Ed Brown after accusing him of abuse in the past. This problematic pairing first appeared 90 Days: Single Life Season 1 in February 2021. Liz and Ed didn’t seem like a compatible couple, and they had several explosive fights onscreen and offscreen. Ultimately, Liz confirms separation from Edo During the tell-all. At the time, she revealed that Ed broke up with her. The San Diego native called himself “d**k” And a “a hole,“And admitted that he made a mistake.

Right after the tell-all ended, Liz accused Ed of being abusive and abusive throughout their relationship. She allegedly leaked an abusive phone call between herself and Ed, confirming that he treated her badly. Ed said several offensive things to Liz during that call, even though he told her to stop cuddling him. Ed told Liz that he “f**ked up“mentally, and said he was tired of her”Dumb f**king mistakes.” that Outrageous Call Between Liz and Eddie surprised many 90 day fiancé Fans. It was also revealed that Liz wanted her relationship with Ed to work out, but had trouble dealing with her different mindset.

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Now, he might be in a better headspace, and probably made positive changes that reassured Liz. She probably feels that trying to improve internally and externally. For example, 56-year-old TV star is now paying more attention to his physical appearance. He is taking care of his beauty and has cut his long locks. Ed has been working out continuously and has lost weight. Maybe he is feeling healthier than before. She recently posted a picture after her weight loss, which earned praise from many. 90 day fiancé the audience.

Another big reason why Liz might have forgiven Ed was the way she reacted after exposing his verbal abuse. Even if the restaurant manager Big Ed narcissistic. is called At times he did not respond publicly. It’s possible that Ed wanted to avoid hurting Liz, or kept quiet for other reasons. Some fans think Ed didn’t say anything against her because he wanted to be with her. Publicly, the former photographer always said that he loved Liz (via) US Weekly) He has said that he wanted to make their relationship work. He did not lose his attention from female fans, but Big Ed did not get into a new relationship. Actually, he had talked about going to a couple’s counseling session with Liz.

Maybe the therapy worked for the couple, giving Liz the tools to recover from Ed’s abuse and eventually forgive him. Although some 90 day fiancé fans still think Ed and Liz’s relationship is not valid, there are clues that suggest that they may get married soon. The couple is already engaged and recently welcomed the fourth member of their family, a pet dog. would be interesting to see 90 Days: Single Life Season 2 and find out what Ed did to win Liz back.

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