90 Day Fiancé: Jenny prays as Sumit’s mother steps in

As 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way returns with Season 3, Jenny Slayton and Sumit Singh are revealing whether they are married amidst drama with their mother.

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Star Jenny Slayton has asked for prayer Amidst the jaw-dropping decision of Sumit Singh’s mother Sahana on Season 3. Sumit met Jenny, a grandmother from Palm Springs, while catfishing on Facebook in 2012. A year later, Jenny knew about the real Sumit and was ready to marry him. However, Sumit marries another woman leaving Jenny in the dark. Now that she is divorced, Sumit is being held back by his manipulative mother, who is trying her best not to let American go. 90 day fiancé Star Jenny married him.

trailer for 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 3 Confirmed that Jenny is still in India And also hinted at how she’s managing to be there for so long. In the most shocking moment of the teaser, Jenny angrily picks up a chair and tells Sumit that she cannot renew her visa every six months to be with him. Meanwhile, the couple, who recently recovered from COVID-19 together, seem happier than ever on social media.

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reason behind it Sumit and Jenny got married late still has his parents, and 90 day fiancé The star’s mother has made sure of it. in an interview with us weeklySumit said,we’re trying to fix it“After revealing that after the big fight 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Season 2, his mother Sahana moves into the house he shares with Jenny. 33-year-old Sumit and 63-year-old Jenny are yet to get married, especially after her mother emotionally molested her by threatening her with suicide. While Jenny’s age still remains the main reason for her disapproval, Sumit’s brother has shown a softer side.

Indian man in 90 day fiancée Sumit Jenny parents bear ill

My brother is doing well as he has been married for almost a year [ago], confessed About your brother Sumit, Who has become more responsible and sometimes chats with him. But Sumit’s brother can’t.”help“Him Yet as a Parent Yet”agree with“Her and Jenny’s relationship.”The main thing between parents is – uh, they need to accept it. they need to accept our relationship,” said Sumit, who wants his parents to be present at his wedding, no matter what. “I keep trying, I’m still trying,” said Sumit, to which Jenny said,keep prayingAccording to Sumit, they hope to become Mr and Mrs in five years’ time.

Jenny had expressed that she and Sumit would continue to live in India because that is what she wanted. Critics accuse Sumit of being behind Jenny’s money and green card, but this 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way The star is cut with a separate cloth. Supporters praise Jenny and Sumitthe original“Love story, even though they have ups. Thankfully, Jenny, who has never been so angry before, has confirmed that it was a sheer disappointment and a one-time thing.

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