15 Of Brian O’Conner’s Best Quotes From The Fast And The Furious Franchise

Although many fans would say that Dominic Toretto is the face of the Fast & Furious franchise, there’s no doubt that Brian O’Conner was the heart. From the moment fans met him, they were instantly drawn to the character as Brian had a way of making others feel at ease. Not only did he form lifelong friendships with Dom’s crew but his cheery disposition seemed to make them laugh too.

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But most of all, one thing that fans loved was Brian’s humor and his one-liners. While Brian was capable of offering some sage or romantic advice, he also provided many moments of comic relief – which worked effectively after periods of drama and action. Long after this film series ends, many fans will fondly remember Brian O’Conner’s presence and his iconic one-liners.


Updated on November 14th, 2021, by Kayleigh Banks: Although Paul Walker sadly passed away in 2013, not a day goes by where fans don’t think about the legacy he left on the franchise and the film industry overall. While Walker did appear in an array of movies, including She’s All That and Eight Below, it is his role as Brian O’Conner that everyone remembers the most as it felt the most natural and authentic (especially since Walker was known to be a prankster, based on behind-the-scenes clips).

While his presence is certainly missed, many people are glad that they can go back and remember some of his memorable scenes as well as his humorous and unforgettable dialogue.  

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Brian O’Conner To Mia Toretto In Fast & Furious

“You Asked Me Why I Let Dom Go. I Did It Because, At That Moment, I Respected Him More Than I Respected Myself.”

An image of Mia and Brian hugging in Fast and Furious

After Brian lets Dom escape at the end of The Fast and the Furious, one question that had plagued Mia’s mind was why he let her brother go. While Brian insisted that he didn’t know the reason, he later told Mia that it was because he had lost respect for himself for tearing the Toretto family apart.

During his undercover stint, Brian discovered a lot about the Torettos. However, the biggest life lesson that he took away from the operation was that the world wasn’t as black-and-white as he believed. Dom may have committed some huge crimes, but he had done it all to provide for his family. He also learned that the Toretto family weren’t all villains either and that his actions were going to cause a lot of hurt for them too. Since Jesse died because of his actions and Mia was left alone for years after this, it’s not surprising he lost respect for himself.

Brian O’Conner To Roman Pearce 2 Fast 2 Furious

“Yeah Rome, How Do You Like Them Apples?”

An image of Brian and Roman in 2 Fast 2 Furious

After departing Los Angeles at the end of The Fast and the Furious, Brian attempted to flee from the police. However, they soon tracked him to Miami, where the police ended up recruiting him and Roman to take down a drug lord. During this time, audiences learned that Brian and Roman had been childhood best friends, who had lost touch when Brian became a cop.

However, the sequence of events that followed allowed fans to repair this bond and see what kind of dynamic they had. Based on the quote and several scenes, it was clear that they had a sibling-like bond. They were both extremely competitive when racing and would playfully taunt and insult each other. It was as if they were trying to lift each other’s spirits, pushing one another to be better. This encouragement and competitiveness were definitely seen in future films.

Brian O’Conner To Roman Pearce In Fast & Furious 6

“First Bite. He’s Got Grace. House Rules, Man. House Rules.”

An image of Dom and his crew eating dinner in Fast and Furious 6

Although Brian may have relaxed up a bit when it came to the rules, there were some that he refused to compromise on. One of those was saying grace before every meal, in where a member of Dom’s crew blessed the food they were to eat by praying to the “car gods.”

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While this was something that Brian hadn’t done previously, the fact that he remembered such an important detail proved how much he valued the Toretto family and their traditions. It also seemed to imply that he would never betray the Torettos and their crew ever again – cementing him forever as an honorary member of the family.

Brian O’Conner To Luke Hobbs In Fast Five

“Yeah, That Sounds Like A Real Hero.”

Fast Five Movie With Vault Chase

When Hobbs shows up in Fast Five to arrest Brian and Dom, it doesn’t exactly go as planned. Hobbs announces he’s there just to bring in two a**holes whose names appeared on his desk, to which Brian responds with the above quote.

Considering how Brian’s character arc began, it seems as if he is taking a jibe at himself for going through a similar experience as he had also been in his position once before. It sort of foreshadowed that the judgmental Hobbs would go through a similar journey to Brian and come to the same realizations that the “law” isn’t always on the right side.

Brian O’Conner To Mia Toretto In Furious 7

“You Know, The Best Decision I Ever Made Was Stepping Into That Store And Buying That First Sandwich.”

An image of Brian and Mia smiling at each other in Fast Five

While the Fast & Furious franchise is mainly known to all for its gravity-defying stunts and iconic fight sequences, there has always been one underrated element – the romances. Ever since the first movie, fans have always been invested in Mia and Brian’s relationship as they instantly fell for one another.

Although there were several moments in the franchise where the couple shared some heartfelt conversations, one of the fans’ utmost favorites was their phone conversation at the end of Furious 7. Since Mia spent the majority of the movie worrying about whether she and their family would ever be enough for Brian, many fans thought his response was quite sweet and romantic. Their story may have started with Brian investigating Dom, but Brian did ultimately stick around for her.

Brian O’Conner To Jack In Fast & Furious 6

“The Air Quality Here Is Lousy, The Traffic Is Bad, But I Think You’ll Learn To Like This Place.”

Jordana Brewster Paul Walker

If there was one quote that would perfectly summarize Brian’s story in the franchise, it was his final couple of lines in Fast and Furious 6When Brian first arrived in Los Angeles, he had no intention of sticking around as nothing was keeping him there. He was just going to complete his mission and then move on to the next one.

However, this had all changed for him when he had got to know the Torettos and their crew. Not only did he form a romance with Mia, but he also found a brother in Dom and a friend for life in Letty. He essentially found the family he had always dreamed of in them. So while their situation didn’t exactly start perfect, Brian would certainly not change it for anything in the world.

Brian O’Conner To Vince In The Fast And The Furious

“I Like The Tuna Here.”

Dom and Brian look outside their car

Brian’s love of tuna lands him in a brawl with Vince, which has to be broken up by Dom. Still, it’s Brian’s first real impression on Dom and the team, and though it wasn’t necessarily the best one, it led to bigger things.

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Audiences are convinced it wasn’t just the tuna, but Mia that kept Brian coming back, particularly since everyone insisted that the tuna was terrible. Nevertheless, fans did love how the Toretto family would joke about Brian eating the awful sandwiches just to get closer to Mia.

Brian O’Conner To Dominic Toretto In The Fast And The Furious

“Dude I Almost Had You!”

Fans have to admire Brian’s enthusiasm, especially in the first film. He doesn’t know what he’s doing quite yet, but it’s impressive nonetheless that he could keep up with Dom and the team the way he did. His first street race against Dom doesn’t exactly go his way, and he does a number on his car in the process, but he’s still happy that he came as close as he did.

Admittedly for a first-timer, Brian’s not half bad. It’s a shame Dom didn’t quite see it that way as he proceeds to insult Brian, but it did establish that level of competitiveness between the two that lasted throughout the franchise up until Paul Walker passed away.

Brian O’Conner To The Team In Fast & Furious 6

“Hey! We Do What We Do Best. We Improvise, All Right?”

Brian and Dom exit Brian’s green Honda in The Fast and the Furious

Considering that Dom’s crew have created some of the worst plans in the Fast & Furious franchise, it’s not surprising that some things have not gone the way they expected. This certainly proved to be the case in Fast & Furious 6 when Dom and his crew were surprised to see a big tank chasing them down the highway. While Tej and Roman were seen to panic, it was Brian who reassured them that they just need to readjust their plan.

This was only one of the things that fans loved about Brian. No matter how out of control things got, he would reassure them that there would always be another way to get things back in order again. Brian’s optimism certainly did help ease the anxiety Roman usually had since this faith allowed him to believe everything would work out in the end.

Brian O’Conner To Dominic Toretto In Fast & Furious

“You Know I Woulda, I Woulda Won That Race If You Didn’t Cheat, Right?”

Vin Diesel and Paul Walker in Fast and Furious 4

Dom and Brian’s rivalry in The Fast and Furious movie had always been a favorite element of fans, so it’s not surprising that many fans were ecstatic with the news that they would be returning to the franchise (8 years after the first one was released). Straight away, the two resumed their rivalry as they entered a street race that would help them get close to Braga.

As expected, Dom won the race with Brian always insisting that he would have won the race if he hadn’t “cheated.” However, what makes this moment even more special is that this marks the beginning of their running gag. After this, Brian did whatever he could to get that rematch against Dom and prove that he could beat them. It was definitely one of the moments that showed Fast & Furious fans that Dom and Brian were going to be best friends in the long run.

Brian O’Conner To Michael Stasiak In Fast & Furious

“You Know What They Say, Stasiak, If You Want The Career-Changing Big Fish, You Gotta Be Willing To […] Sail Out To The Deep Water.”

Fast and Furious Toyota Supra Paul Walker - Brian O'Connor - www

In Fast & Furious 6, Brian hands out some advice fans could all adhere to. One has to be willing to grow up and make the big sacrifices, not just as a means to an end, but to achieve one’s ultimate goal and get to the destination they’re heading for in life.

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If they don’t, they won’t get there. It’s also one of those quotes that’s easily one fan would like to use themselves, so next time they’re handing out life advice, or needing some inspiration for their own aspirations, take this line out of Brian’s book and stick to it.

Brian O’Conner To Dominic Toretto In Fast & Furious

“Ya Know, I’ve Been Thinking, When You Blew Up Your Car, That Means You Blew Up Mine Too […] So Now You Owe Me A Ten-Second Car.”

Paul Walker Vin Diesel

It was brilliant how this memorable storyline from the first film made a reappearance in the fourth film back in 2009. In a reverse situation, now Dom owes Brian a ten-second car, which he quickly remedies by breaking into a Subaru. It’s funny how things work out like that.

The fourth film was a big deal, given Letty was killed (or so fans thought) and, though tragic, it brought the old gang back together, and they’ve been together ever since. Something about owing people ten-second cars is like holding a precious bond in the Fast and Furious franchise, and it’s definitely a well-known line for that reason.

Brian O’Conner To Dominic Toretto In Furious 7

“Dom, Cars Don’t Fly. Cars Don’t Fly! SH**!”

Dom and Brian standing next to a red car in Furious 7

Furious 7 had a lot of memorable moments, including this one. Dom and Brian go for one Hell of a ride as they go through not just one, but two buildings. The first building was on purpose, but the second was because the brakes had gone out, and thus Dom simply sped up and jumped into the next one.

The two manage to escape miraculously unscathed, but with a memorable story to tell. Dom proved every naysayer wrong– cars can fly if driven correctly.

Brian O’Conner To Dominic Toretto In The Fast And The Furious

“I Owe You A Ten-Second Car.”

Vin Diesel Paul Walker

In the conclusion of the first film, Brian hands over the keys to his car, allowing Dom to escape. When Dom questions if Brian realizes what he’s doing, this is Brian’s response. Brian’s loyalties have changed over the course of his undercover work, and he’s befriended Dom and his team, forever changing his life–and theirs.

Allowing Dom to escape was Brian’s redemption, in a way, for lying to Dom, even knowing he’ll be faced with serious consequences. That’s what family does though, and if any theme stands out in this franchise, it’s the importance of family.

Brian O’Conner To Dominic Toretto In Furious 7

“Thought You Could Leave Without Saying Goodbye?”

In the final scene of Furious 7, fans see Dom and Brian face off against one another in one last race. Dom had left early, but Brian had followed and said the quote above.

This is certainly a scene that many Fast & Furious fans love to watch over and over as it was meaningful in more ways than one. Since Paul Walker had passed away in real life, Furious 7 felt an homage to him, acting as a means for the audience, cast, crew, and Paul’s loved ones to say goodbye. It was the perfect ending, and the perfect way to bid a beloved character and actor farewell.

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