15 Iconic Star Wars Sound Effects and How They Were Created

since its inception, star wars has been at the forefront of visual effects, revolutionizing the way we watch movies. This is due to the hard work and talent of Industrial Lights & Magic, which was founded by George Lucas in 1975 to produce the first film. helped to give a new Hope Some incredible effects.

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as well as all the iconic imagery, star wars It also has its fair share of iconic sounds that have stuck with us throughout the decades. From the sound of a blaster to a lightsaber to the roar of Chewbacca, fans will repeat forever star wars sound effect.

Updated by Rhys McGinley on August 2, 2021: It’s not big Star Wars news to say that the franchise has some really awesome sound effects. Of all cinema, there are few, if any, movies and franchises whose sounds are anywhere as iconic as those in Star Wars. The talent abounds, from the sounds of weapons, characters, creatures, vehicles, and more, with the famous Ben Burtt on top of Star Wars sounds. The saga is packed with sounds, with many fascinating behind-the-scenes stories of their making available in the series’ extensive featurette.

15 AT-AT

AT-AT Walker in Empire Strikes Back

AT-AT Walkers are one of the most iconic vehicles star wars, and the walkers marching to destroy the Echo base is a vital part of what makes the Battle of Hoth so good.

To create the sound of the joints moving through the ice of a slow, dangerous Imperial vehicle, Burt used very locally sourced sound. It came from a dustbin in front of their house that had the quality of squeaking. Mixing that sound in the studio produced the metallic sound of the walkers.

14 tuntun

Tauntaun - Star Wars Land: 10 attractions we want to see

clinging to The Empire Strikes Back And with many of the iconic sounds coming from the Hoth part of the film, Tauntun is an instantly recognizable creature to all fans.

Tauntaun may not be the cutest creature star wars, but to create memorable sound effects, Burt turned to an adorable Asian sea otter. With the Beast delivering a high-pitched, talking-esque squeak, Burt slowed down to cry, and the result was Tauntaun.

13 Common complaint’ cough

General Critical Reference in Jedi Fallen Order

Design-wise, General Grievous is undoubtedly one of the most intimidating villains ever star wars-even though he’s not the most powerful villain-He is being well remembered by fans, with his looks, voice and of course, cough.

It seems obvious that Grevius’ cough is a cough. However, it was not made from a chronic cough. The cough was from George Lucas’ own lungs at the beginning of a time revenge of the Sith‘s production when he had bronchitis, which was oddly fortunate.

12 Jawais

star wars java

first introduced in a new HopeJavas are one of the most mysterious yet recognizable species star wars, being a major part of the franchise.

The Javanese speak the language of their Javanese, and to create the sound of the Javanese language, Burtt turned to the actual language of Zulu. They had actors re-voice scripts from recordings of Zulu-speaking people, speeded up the recording, raised the pitch, and Jawais was born.

1 1 slave 1

There are many prestigious ships in star wars franchise, but few are as loved as Das 1, A big part of Boba Fett’s badass factor In the original trilogy.

The sound of the ship is a more distinctive star wars sound. To create the sound of his take-off, Burtt combined the horns of his 1971 Dodge Duster and the sound of a trumpet, a strange mix of brass, to form the Slave 1.

10 death Star

Ben Burtt is a name you’ll hear throughout this list because he’s the man responsible for most star wars Sound Effects, what with being the chief sound designer in movies.

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The Death Star is a massive space station (not the Moon) packed with technology, so Burt made use of pretty much every techno sound at his disposal to create ambient noise in the background of those scenes. Using motors, strange electronic tones and loops of sound played back and forth through the rhythm chambers, due to the vessel’s sheer size, Burt found that he could fairly justify any interesting sound in the mix.

9 pod racers

There is a lot of resentment among some towards the prequel trilogy, but almost every fan can agree that Pod Race was one of the best and most exciting scenes ever.

To give each pod racer its own individual personality, Burt used the sounds of real pre-existing fast cars such as Mustangs and Porsches, then used sonic symphonies and sonic choppers to give them a sci-fi edge.

8 Tuscan Raiders

The Tuscan Raiders, the desert robbers of the planet Tatooine, are quite a formidable foe, though. one of star wars’ favorite exotic species, especially when they first appeared attacking a young Luke Skywalker.

As well as their intimidating physical appearance, the sand people have a well-known, nightmare-inducing battle cry. So what caused this haunting, nightmare squeak? The sound of a trembling donkey. Changed at different speeds and pitches, not so scary.

7 Hyperdrive failure of the Millennium Falcon

Being one of the most famous space crafts in all of science fiction, the Millennium Falcon certainly has its fair share of noise to choose from, such as a laser cannon and co-pilot roar (which we’ll look at later in the list) , but one of the more unique effects is that of the hyperdrive, particularly its failure to launch.

If there’s one credible thing about the Falcon, it’s its lack of reliability, and the gloomy groan of engines failing to leap to the speed of light, consisting of a dentist’s air jet, a 1928 bi-plane, and arc light. The collection was created by. Motor starts and stops, the motor noise of a tank gun turret and the sound of a broken sink in the studio bathroom.

6 tie fighters

Another horror of the saga is the screams of the villainous tie-fighters. However, the noise of these machines was almost a happy accident, as Burt was actually participating in using the noise for something else, possibly a laser weapon.

It was adapted into the 1958 Errol Flynn adventure film. was made with the noise of a screaming elephant taken from roots of heaven And mixing it with the “swoosh” of a car driving on wet pavement. Burt said he voiced the TIE fighters because he had no other choice, and when his allies flipped for it, it stayed in.

5 blaster shots

Blaster shots, gun turrets, and the pew sound fired from laser-based weapons all come from roughly the same origins. Burt was on a trip with his family, and as he passed under the guide wires of a radio tower, he collided with it, and the wire made a vibrating sound.

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That principle became the basis of all laser noise; Large weapons such as the Death Star reportedly used large coils, as did the metal slinky. Amazing what a good poke can do on a children’s toy, isn’t it?

4 Chewbacca’s Roar

The challenge of creating a “voice” for Chevy is the fact that it did not have clear lips, and therefore made the noise sound authentic to its source.

Several animals were sampled for the roar and groan of everyone’s favorite Wookiee, including four bears, a badger, a lion, a seal, and a walrus from Long Beach, who groaned in grief as their pool emptied for cleaning. was done. That last one is probably why we feel so much sympathy for what is essentially a giant dog man.

3 R2-D2

The problem with creating R2-D2’s effects was that despite having a diarrhoea, little Astromech goes through many of the emotions that helped make him Everyone’s Favorite Droid in the Franchise.

He can be agitated, scared, alert, even screaming when he is shot or thrown into the dagoba swamp! Having originally attempted to create noise with a symphony, Burt found the sounds too electronic, so he tried something else.

2 darth vader

Darth Vader’s loud voice and breath are often impersonated by children and childish adults by holding a cup in their mouth and breathing heavily.

Of course, Vader’s actual voice was recorded by James Earl Jones and manipulated to give it an extra, bassy tone. As for breathing, this was done through a scuba breathing apparatus. Burt would put a microphone on deep-sea diving gear and breathe in it in various ways.

1 lightsaber

arguably the most famous sound of all star wars, lightsaber. Not as clumsy as a metal spiral twig or animal screams, it had a more civilized sound for a more civilized era.

Burt had an idea of ​​the sound he wanted to achieve from the moment he saw the concept design for the weapon. He used an old motor from a projector at the USC Cinema Department and combined it with other elements to give mythological humor. Apparently the pattern hasn’t changed much over the years, and there’s good poetry in that some of the things the films showcase helped make it one of the most important films of all time.

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