15 Adult Animated Shows Like Invincible

Over the years, adult animated series have been as popular as those designed for children. Whether from cross humor or bloody imagery, these mature series have gotten increasingly brutal over the years, with new superhero series coming in. invincible Working as the latest attempt.

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Full of graphic violence, erotic imagery and mature language, invincible Sets the bar for all adult shows. As the series progressed, fans noticed similarities in both story elements, violence, and even animation in other shows, giving an experience similar to Amazon’s graphic comic book animated series.

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Updated on April 10, 2022 by Sean S. Leelos, Unstoppable was a huge success for Prime Video and the streaming service renewed it for at least two more seasons. With the success of the comic book adaptation, it has been proven that there is an audience for these adult-oriented animated shows outside of just Adult Swim, where they have lived over the years. As time goes on, there are more and more options for fans of these adult animated shows like Invincible. It’s both the mature themes, the violence, and the more complex comedic jokes thrown at the audience that prove animation can be just as tough and fun as live-action shows. With a strong mix of classic shows and some new series that are brimming with unstoppable, the options are bigger and better than ever.

Archer (2009-)

Hulu. stream on

Archer puts his head on a plane in Archer

One of the most popular adult animated series of the last decade Sagittarius, a show that continuously redefined itself throughout its run. This is a different show than invincible In many ways, because Sterling Archer is a secret agent and the whole series plays out as a comedy.

What they do share, however, is smart writing, as well as an often violent story. Whereas invincible harsh violence, and Sagittarius With so many death and murders played out for laughs, the two shows should find similar audiences looking for a fun animated series that isn’t made for kids.

The Boys Presents: Diabolical (2022-)

Stream on Amazon Prime

The Boys Presents: Diabolical Poster

prime video series boys shares a lot with invincible, both geared towards adult comic book fans. Both are violent and have superheroes who were actually villains. With the success of TV shows like invincible On Prime Video, it was no surprise to see boys Go animated too.

Boys Presents: Satanic was an animated anthology series consisting of eight 14-minute episodes. Each episode main. tied in boys The story is hilarious, dark filling all parts of the world.

Hit-Monkey (2021-)

Hulu. stream on

Hit-Monkey wears a suit and sunglasses in Hit-Monkey

invincible One was unique to the comic book series, with a group of heroes betrayed by an alien searching Earth for their race to eventually conquer the planet. The story seems generic compared to the Hulu Marvel series hit-monkey,

The series featured a hitman who ran away after his employer betrayed him. He hid in the woods with a group of Japanese snow monkeys. When the killers show up and slaughter the Hitman and the entire group of monkeys, a surviving monkey uses what it learned from the Hitman to retaliate.

The Venture Brothers (2003-2018)

Hulu. stream on

Venture Bros

invincible is an animated series based on a comic book that showcases the true love of classic superhero stories, but with a twist. The Guardians was clearly an homage to the Justice League with the Omni-Man as the out-of-this-world version of Superman with a twist.

in a very similar situation, Venture Brothers As well as the classic cartoons of the 1960s, there was an explicit homage to the comic books. much like invincibleBoth feature unconventional family units engaged in world-changing adventures.

Modoc (2021-)

Hulu. stream on

Modoc with AIM Agents

fans of invincible Saw a mature series about a young man who becomes a hero to save the earth. Along the way, he was involved in violent encounters with a heartfelt family, which added to the mix. For fans of the show who want a similar adult theme but a completely different experience, Modak is a great option.

It’s Another Marvel Comics Adaptation on Hulu, Starring Seth Greene and the Team Back Robot Chicken as listeners. This Marvel adult animated series has the same sensibility Robot Chicken Casting a classic Marvel villain in a situation where he loses his beloved Aim and struggles to keep his family together.

Samurai Jack (2001-2017)

Stream on HBO Max

Samurai Jack returns covered in blood in season five poster

Not all series are intended to be mature. invincible Starts off lightly, with the main characters coming to their powers. By the end of the first episode everything starts up and, in a way, samurai jack only one.

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For four seasons, the series is about a samurai trying to return to the past after being trapped in the future. Then, Season 5 let loose with a graphic and surprisingly well-told revival that embraced a mature feel after a light start.

Rick and Morty (2013-)

Hulu. stream on

Rick and Morty travel through a portal in the first season poster

Really, rick and morty An animal in itself. The Bizarre Adventures of a Gifted Grandfather and His Innocent Grandson became a major event for many, The question though is, how is a comedy series similar to a comic-book series? invincible,

Although different in style, both series share a great sense of dark comedy between them. From cutting people in half to beating up heroes without pity in quirky comedies, these shows come together and feel similar in that nature, while the genres are worlds apart.

Undo (2019-)

Stream on Amazon Prime

Alma uses her powers of time travel to undo

There seems to be a trend in many recent shows of kids getting superpowers and trying to understand them. have destroyed follows a young girl who discovers she has reality-warfare and time travel abilities and uses them to solve the mystery of her father’s death.

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Beyond the special power aspect, have destroyed And invincible Share a mystery aspect. Whereas have destroyed Investigating the death of a father invincible Finds out why Omni-Man killed the Guardians of the Globe. Not to mention both series share beautiful animation that takes them to new and exciting heights.

Big Mouth (2017-)

stream on netflix

Andrew lighting the menorah with his parents in Big Mouth

Most coming-of-age stories try to be realistic that children come into their own accord and discover their identities. Of course, they aren’t always the most realistic when they try, and some, like big mouthLean into it

big mouth A look at the many children who are going through puberty and coming into their own plagued by hormone monsters, Superpowers and creatures like a hormone monster add to that strange phase, everyone eventually passing through with a lot of fictional elements that almost render the series in a real-world element.

Last Place (2018-2021)

Stream on HBO Max

Gary and Mooncake fight evil versions of themselves in Final Space

The wild, out-of-this-world plots are what many fans live for in the show. Stories defying expectations with interesting and funny characters invincible Like Monster Girl, Rex Splod, or even the villainous Mauler Twins move the series forward. last place The heart that has been shown throughout its episodes feels the same.

It follows an astronaut named Gary who encounters aliens and interdependent creatures. From Mooncake, the universe-destroying green blob to Little Cato, a humanoid cat voiced Steven Yeun – Just Like invincibleThe quirky but lovable characters make the series pop in their own way.

Preliminary (2019-)

Stream on HBO Max

Spear and Fang roam the prehistoric land in Primali

In general, brutal and vicious violence has defined what it means to be an adult cartoon series. invincible More happily took advantage of this by the end of the first episode. Other series did the same, such as original,

created by Animation Mastermind Gendy Tarkovsky, original The story of a cave dweller and dinosaurs roaming a prehistoric world and struggling for survival. Chock full of gore and brutal yet beautifully animated action, characters and settings original Raised the stakes against all that blood and viscera with an intense and emotional story.

Castlevania (2017-2021)

stream on netflix

Alucard, Trevor and Sipha stand together against Dracula and his army

Nothing says bloody or cruel, quite like the vampires who cut or blow their heads off. like tv shows invincible Tackle a fantasy world where heroes exist and literal mind-boggling action takes place every day, Castlevania shows similar properties.

In a world where Dracula has declared war on humanity, a sorceress, a demon hunter, and Dracula’s son rise to the occasion to fight the demon. crossing the land of Wallachia and dispatching one demonic horde after another, Castlevania works great and stands out one of the best video game adaptations,

Amazing (2013-2015)

Stream on HBO Max

The Awesomes are assembled as the newest hero

if there is one thing invincible is Well done, it shows superheroes in a different light. Like a lot of Amazon series, it’s all about showcasing the heroes in new and almost realistic ways. While it has been done there in a more serious tone, amazing Did the same on a more comical scale.

In a short-lived series of only three seasons, amazing sees a new group of heroes trying to replace the old guard. something that only Adult Swim can make, amazing It was an irreverent but entertaining series and was based on superheroes.

Harley Quinn (2019-)

Stream on HBO Max

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy

While DC is still struggling to find its bearings in live-action, the animated side is flourishing. The choice between series lies Harley Quinn, An animated show Titanic follows the character as she sets out to find out who she is, as does Mark Grayson as the Invincible.

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Although the two are incredibly different in Mark’s form as a hero, and Harley is a villain/anti-hero, depicts their journeys. The two are trying to figure out who they are and how they fit into the world and as they do, the shenanigans unfold as the series progresses.

Spawn the Animated Series (1997–1999)

Stream on HBO Max

Al Simmons sees his town as the spawn

Just because live-action fails, doesn’t mean a product or character can’t find new life. movie version of when spawnThe story of a soldier who dies and becomes an agent of Hell flopped, no one thought the 1997 animated series could right the ship.

However, through it all, the series thrived for three seasons. While garnering praise for its action, voice actors (especially Keith David) and dark and complex story, TV shows such as invincible In many ways, this is the modern version of the series.

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