13 Fastest Mario Kart 8 Setups

mario kart 8, is easily one of the greatest kart racers of all time, with tons of vehicle customization options. Players are free to change their tyres, karts, gliders and of course the character. in mario kart 8, It’s important to keep track of all five stats – they are speed, acceleration, weight, handling and traction – sometimes it’s all about speed.

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Although the heavier characters have the slowest speed, they also have the highest speed. Thus, in search of the best mario kart 8 setup, heavy characters are preferred. Also, while there are no gliders that increase speed, there are some that reduce it.

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Updated on May 2, 2022 by Tanner Fox: It’s an exciting time for fans of Nintendo’s Mario Kart franchise. Not only is Mario Kart 9 in active development, but the Switch version of Mario Kart 8 recently received eight new DLC courses. Those looking for a reason to return to the sport need look no further, and this is only the first of a total of 48 courses to be started through 2022 and 2023.

These new tracks will have Mario Kart players of all experience levels dabbling with the new kart configurations as they figure out which tracks work best. Those who prioritize speed above all should give these setups a try.

Donkey Kong, Bee Dasher Kart, Triforce Tires and Super Glider

B-Dasher Kart in Mario Kart 8.

Donkey Kong has the second highest speed of all the characters, and, with the Bee Dasher Kart, Triforce tires, and Super Glider, he can reach exceptionally high speeds. The tires also help in its traction, which is extremely helpful for heavy characters.

In addition, the default glider is given priority so that kart speed is not affected by penalties from other gliders. With this build the DK reaches a total speed of 5.25.

Roy, Standard ATV Kart, Gold Tires and Plain Glider

Roy, one of Bowser's couplings in Mario Kart 8.

Roy has the second highest possible base speed, much like Donkey Kong, and, with the right kit, he can be very fast. Both the standard ATV Kart and Gold tires give him some solid extra speed at the cost of acceleration and handling.

Finally, the plane glider slightly increases its traction at the cost of a small increase in its weight. It’s an overall faster build reaching 5.5 max speeds, making it one of the best mario kart 8 Set-up

Baby Daisy, BiddyBuggy, Roller, Cloud Glider

Baby Rosalina in BiddyBuggy in Mario Kart 8.

This is a very unorthodox combination when it comes to speed, but speed isn’t the only condition that determines how fast a kart can cross the finishing line. Acceleration can be the Achilles heel of some kart configurations, and this Baby Daisy build takes that into account.

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With 0.75 max speed, this would be a terrible setup for normal play. However, with 5.5 acceleration, it can come in handy at 150cc or 200cc when speed can easily become a hindrance and the need for quick recovery from mistakes is high.

Wario, Circuit Special Kart, Metal Tires and Wario Wing

4.75 pm, Wario has the highest possible character speed In the game, he is known for his speed-focused kart configuration. The addition of the Circuit Special Kart and metal tires adds an additional 1.0 speed at the expense of acceleration, handling and traction.

Finish the build with your iconic Wario Wing to reach 5.75 max speed, making it one of the fastest builds in the game. Of course, with great speed comes big risk, as racers will have to contend with some less-than-optimal kart handling.

Bowser, P-Wing Kart, Kart Gold Tires and Hylian Kite

Bowser Driving in P-Wing Carto

The heaviest character in the game, Bowser is also one of the fastest. Combining his default 4.75 base speed with the P-Wing Kart and Kart Gold tires, he reaches the game’s speed cap, which is 5.75.

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adding hyaline kites Makes sure the Bowser is not losing any momentum For the glider while there is no additional weight being added which could make this construction impossible to control.

Morton, P-Wing Kart, Cyber ​​Sleek Tires and Wadle Wing

Morton driving in a Mario Kart race

Morton sided with Bowser and Wario as the heaviest and thus fastest character in the game. Although the P-Wing kart significantly reduces Bowser’s other stats, the maximum speed increase is too good to ignore.

With Cyber ​​Slick tires the Morton reaches a speed cap of 5.75, while the Waddle Wing Glider ensures that he doesn’t lose any speed or gain any extra weight. Given how little he appears in the standard mario game, Morton is an often overlooked character mario kart 8 Fans should consider incorporating them into their builds more often.

Dry Bowser, Mercedes GLA, Sleek Tires and Hylian Kite

Dry Bowser in Mario Kart 8.

Despite being slightly lighter than other heavier characters, the Dry Bowser maintains a high base speed of 4.75. In addition, the good-looking Mercedes GLA and sleek tires allow the Dry Bowser to reach a sharp 5.75 maximum speed.

Some players shrugged off the free Mercades Mario Kart DLC when it originally came out, seeing it as a slightly obvious product placement. However, some of the carriages added to that expansion really helped out some of the characters.

Baby Daisy, Pipe Frame, Standard Tires and Vario Wing

Baby Daisy from Mario Kart 8.

This is one of the best mario kart 8 Setups that don’t focus solely on speed, instead, emphasize acceleration and handling. While heavier characters like Wario or Pink/Gold Peach will be circling around this lighter kart, at 200cc, it will be the better choice.

It sounds like an odd trade-off, but, at some point, the increased speed becomes negligible and can result in slower lap times. While there are certainly some pro Mario Kart players who can do just about anything on any setting, for normal players, measured builds like this will certainly prevail.

Bowser, Badwagen Kart, Cyber ​​Sleek Tires and Super Glider

Bowser is holding a blue boomerang during a race in Mario Kart 8.

bowser, one of the most powerful villains in mario suffrageIs an integral part of some of the fastest builds in mario kart 8, With the Badwagen Kart and Cyber ​​Sleek tyres, he can reach a top speed of 5.75.

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In addition, the default Super Glider ensures that Bowser doesn’t have to sacrifice many stats for speeds this high. He is not only the toughest villain to deal with, but one of the fastest opponents to face mario kart 8,

Morton, Circuit Special Kart, Sleek Tires and Plain Glider

Morton is driving in Mario Kart 8 with a green sphere on his back.

The Morton’s high base speed can skyrocket to a range of 5.75 with a 4.75 circuit special kart and sleek tyres. Although this construction significantly reduces acceleration and traction, it is a price to pay for being so fast.

Skilled drivers who can maintain maximum speed can make this build really shine. That said, at 200cc, this setup becomes a nightmare to control, as do most ultra-fast kart setups most currently Mario Kart Installment.

Bowser, Landship, Standard Tires and Cloud Glider

Bowser Racing in Mario Kart 8.

As it strictly prioritizes speed, unlike other Bowsers, it is more of a jack-of-all-trades heavy kart that maintains a relatively high maximum speed of 4 without sacrificing acceleration or handling. While the handling stat may be a bit strong at 2.75 with 3.75 acceleration, Bowers won’t be nearly as slow to start as he normally would.

While most speeds focus only on that position without adjusting for inevitable heat-moment mistakes, this setup is as fast as it needs to be and can be controlled much more easily.

Vario, Mercedes GLA, Kart Gold Tire and Wario Wing

Vario drifting in a Mercedes GLA car in Mario Kart 8.

If players are looking for speed, the Wario’s high base speed of 4.75, when combined with the coveted Mercedes GLA and Kart Gold tires, could do the trick. The Wario reaches a 5.75-speed cap at the cost of greatly reducing its acceleration, which can be a real problem in chaotic conditions.

Nevertheless, the Mercedes GLA offers enhanced handling and less weight than the other fastest cars. As long as players can reach maximum speed, it will be easy to maintain, making it easily one of the best. mario kart 8 Set-up

Dry Bowser, Bee Dasher Kart, Metal Tires and Gold Glider

The Dry Bowser is able to maintain the same maximum speed as the Bowser and Morton with the added bonus of slightly less weight. Equipping him with a B dasher kart and metal tires makes sure he reaches the cap of 5.75.

If the player manages to move forward and reach maximum speed using some most annoying Mario Kart stuff Like boxes of blue balls, bananas and counterfeit goods, victory is almost certain. Plus, the gold guilder lets Dry Bowser win and looks good while doing so.

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