11 How I Met Your Mother Memes That Totally Boasts The Show

If there was any show from the 2000s memorable, it’s it how i met your mom, Along with defining the characters, there were so many running gags, funny moments, and quotable quotes that fans had a field to get creative with with shareable memes.

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Some memes refer to the show in general, while others feature commentary about important situations or moments. But only a few are really indicative of the show being fully involved in what it was.

1 1 pie chart

A pie chart meme about Barney's job on How I Met Your Mother.

via: memesbams.com

One of the running jokes on the show was that no one in the group knew what Barney was – best character on how i met your momaccording to ranker – Actually done for a living. Whenever he was asked, he never gave a clear answer. He always wore a suit, was rarely seen in or out of office, and was very wealthy.

The meme jokes about this, suggesting that fans were more interested in finding out what kind of job Barney had in an ugly bachelor pad and personal driver than they were in finding out who the mother was.

10 they were quarantined

A meme about children in quarantine from How I Met Your Mother.

via: u/Guille642 on reddit

One of the more topical and topical memoirs, this hilarious suggestion that Ted’s two kids stuck around listening to Ted drone on for stories about nine years of their lives as they were all in quarantine .

It would make total sense. Each time the children were shown the opening or closing sequence, it was clear that they were bored and dying to go. However, Dad was also fascinated by him, and he only wanted to get to the end of the story and know the answer. According to the meme, the two teens would last so long if they were in quarantine and didn’t have anywhere else to go.

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9 challenge accepted

Barney from How I Met Your Mother conjured up a meme wearing sunglasses in a challenge.

via: memesbams.com

Another memorable line from the show, and one that is constantly copied, is Barney’s “challenge accepted.” This was usually given in response to someone implying that Barney would never be able to attract attention or win the affection of a particular woman.

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The gist of the statement is that whoever says the line is ready to prove someone wrong. Barney has taken on a lot of challenges throughout the show, especially when it comes to women.

8 The last

RPG in a meme about the finale of How I Met Your Mother.

via: imgflip.com

termination of how i met your mom Unfortunately goes down as one of the worst on television. A lot of people didn’t like the entire final season, nor the fact that the entire show made Mommy last for so many seasons that she died at the end.

Still, regardless of the anger or frustration at how it ended, it can’t be denied that most die-hard fans shed a tear or two when they saw her sick in the hospital and learned she was gone.

7 Slap Bet

Marshall slaps Barney in the How I Met Your Mother meme.

via: bingeclock.com

The slap bet is one of the most recognized running gags and Scenes that live in every fan’s head without fare how i met your mom, Marshall won a bet against Barney that allowed him to slap the desired five at any time in the future (he later won another bet that added an additional three). This meant that Barney was always on edge, not knowing when the slap would come.

Whenever Marshall found a moment to capitalize on a slap, he made sure it was epic in nature, worthy of being played in slow motion. Barney took it further, because a bet is a bet, after all. But slap bet is well-known terminology for fans of the show, and it was a big part of each season.

6 wait for it

A famous joke about How I Met Your Mother featuring Barney in a suit.

via: KnowYourMeme.com

One of the show’s most iconic statements was Barney Stinson’s “Legion-wait for it-dairy.” Fans repeat it everywhere and in different situations to describe their self-belief or how wonderful a particular moment was.

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Furthermore, Barney’s character was one of the best on the show, providing comic relief, constant glee, and a complete opposite approach to dating Ted. Interestingly, while Barney’s feminist and insensitive demeanor would never fly today, at the time, it was all good fantasy fun.

5 Himim Vs. Friend

A meme comparing How I Met Your Mother to Friends.

via: 9gag.com on Pinterest

Many people have made comparisons between Friend And how i met your mom, Both are about a group of single friends living in New York City and going about their daily lives. it’s no secret that how i met your mom was greatly influenced by Friend,

This meme beautifully points out some of the unique similarities not only between the shows but also between some of the main storylines. It covers the lengthy love stories between Ross and Rachel and Ted and Robin, the love triangle that involved happy endings with Joy and Barney, the female characters, and the seemingly perfect couple.

4 theme song

A meme about the opening sequence song in How I Met Your Mother.

via: awmemes.com

Even seeing this meme, fans can immediately start humming or singing the show’s theme song, which mostly focuses on the hook of the song, only these sounds. But the beets and hummus were distinctive and attractive, so it was difficult for them to cut off at least one head.

Chances are fans will not only sing along whenever they sit down to watch a new episode, but can continue to do so whenever they see the intro video or picture. It also includes the recognizable featured in this meme.

3 not really about mom

A meme featuring Ted, Robin and Barney laughing from How I Met Your Mother.

via: TheChive.com

It’s so true that, after nine seasons, fans realized the story wasn’t about the mother. It was more about Ted’s youth with his friends and the moments that shaped the person he eventually became. Mother was the great love of his life, but was she the great love?

Depending on the ending, the actual love story may actually be Robin’s, one of many Female TV characters who deserved a better ending, And only in his death and with Ted’s now grown children, was he finally able to come to terms with it. The meme pokes fun at this, as if the show fooled the audience into thinking that mom was an important part of the story when she really wasn’t.

2 every little detail

An image of Ted in a meme about How I Met Your Mother.

via: Memecreator.org

Fans quickly realized that in telling his brief story of how he met his mom, Ted was able to tell his kids about every mundane thing about his life from the time he met Robin and Barney to the day he married his mom. Giving details.

From boring days at work to frivolous dates with women who weren’t meant to be, this meme accentuates the fact that Ted didn’t miss any detail when telling the stories, no matter how far from its focus.

1 be like them

A black and white meme featuring the main characters of How I Met Your Mother.

via: mm

Every fan had a favorite character on the show, or whom they most related or wanted to be most like. In fact, how i met your mom He had so many life lessons to teach fans, The meme highlights the most defining quality of each of the main characters, including Marshall’s propensity to dream big, including becoming a judge one day or running his own environmental law firm, Barney’s self-proclaimed weirdness.

The text below shows that the person who created the meme, in fact, believes that the characters have actually taught them how to possess each of these qualities. Actually, fans really fell in love with the main five.

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