10 Warner Bros. Movies and TV Shows New CEO David Zaslav Has Done Too Far

David Zaslav has been the CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery since the merger of the two companies in April, and in that time, he has made several controversial decisions, such as Cancelled Scoob 2 And bat girl, The CEO is cleaning the house, cracking down on excessive spending, and canceling some projects that were already in development before the merger, including those that have already been completed.

Zaslav has the power to cancel shows on The CW, HBO, and HBO Max projects, and anything from Warner Bros., and he has done exactly that. There have been so many cancellations that the past few months have been jokingly nicknamed The Ax of Zaslav. These projects are not the totality of Zaslav’s victims, as more have been canceled since April. And it has made some people worried about what will happen next.

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JJ Abrams on set.

the director JJ Abrams has loads of exciting projects coming upwhether it is one door film adaptation or his long awaited Superman movie. demimonde It was also one of those projects, a science-fiction series that had been in the works for more than four years. but Zaslav canceled sci-fi show in June, As Zaslav is focusing on saving costs wherever possible, this was a huge savings, as, according to colliderThe show required a budget of $200 million.

This isn’t the only Abrams-related show that’s in trouble, either, as his production company, Bad Robot, hasn’t kept its promises in 2019 following a $250 million deal with Warner Bros. According to Hollywood ReporterZaslav is “disappointed” by the lack of production despite the company having rights. Constantine And madam x,


Michaela, Maggie, Male on Charmed

Charmed There is a reboot of the hugely successful 2000s show of the same name, but the new iteration of the fantasy series did not go down well with the audience. The show was canceled in May, and it was one of several CW series to be canceled in a major announcement that must have been widely disappointing to fans. But it might be for the best, as some people think it’s one of those worst tv show resumes,

The show was still doing pretty well, as it ran for four seasons, and had around 20 episodes per season, which is almost unheard of by today’s standards of six-to-nine-episode limited series. It even wrapped everything up perfectly, as it tied in with an epic multiverse ending in the original series.

Roswell: New Mexico

Roswell New Mexico

just like Charmed, Roswell: New Mexico There’s also a reboot, but it was always weird that The WB chose to reboot the show in the first place. The original was never so well received or popular in the first place, and the reboot, unfortunately, was not an improvement based on the supernatural alien teen drama, as it has a low 6.1 on IMDb. Just like that Charmed announcement, it was revealed that new Mexico was not being updated.

It’s almost like the studio was repeating the same mistake they made blade Runner, While the original is a cult classic, it bombed at the box office in 1982, but the studio still greenlighted an R-rated sequel to the film 30 years later, giving it a $200 million budget. Despite being surprisingly great, blade runner 2049 Bombing. roswell The story of the franchise is almost the same.


Caludett 4400 .  but wears a floral dress inside the house

4400 There’s another reboot of a successful 2000s series, and it always feels weird to restart a mystery series that’s been terminated and the mystery solved. Zaslav thought the same way, tv line Told that it was canceled in May.

4400 Episodes were broadcast weekly on The CW, and were exceptionally small in number, as in . According to Showbuzz Daily, the season finale had less than 250,000 viewers, so it’s hardly surprising that the plug was pulled. The show is one of The WB’s biggest failures, as it was canceled after only one 13-episode season.


Naomi stands with Anthony on the series

Naomi There was a brand new show, which premiered earlier this year, but despite the rapturous critical reception, The show was canceled in May, However, what makes NaomiWhat’s more interesting than the rest is the force behind it. The show was being led by Ava DuVernay, so it looks like no one is safe from Zaslav’s axe.

And, once again, the show was just one season away, and the announcement came just a week after the final episode aired. This is the closest to a CW show that has been canceled straight mid-production, which has unfortunately happened with a lot of shows, and the final episodes were never aired. This isn’t the only Arrowverse show to be canceled this year, as both legends of tomorrow And Batwoman were also cancelled.

wonder twins

wonder twins There’s a DC superhero team, and the pair can transform into any type of water and animal they want. And black adam Writer Adam Sztickel was attached To pen the script. The project was announced as recently as February this year, but it was only two months before the merger. And as soon as it happened, it was canceled immediately,

It’s surprising how well the project reached the development stage, especially when it’s about a property not so famous and there are so many other famous DC characters that haven’t gotten their big screen debuts yet. the film was reportedly canceled due to its budget $75 million, which isn’t really that much for a superhero movie, and the studio thought it was too risky.

raised by wolves

hunter and father raised by wolves

raised by wolves has two full seasons, is incredibly critically acclaimed, and the first two episodes were directed by Ridley Scott. If that name doesn’t give prestige to the streaming show then nothing does. is one of the series weirdest tv show ever, as it follows two androids who attempt to control human beliefs on a mysterious planet. But, unfortunately, it was abruptly canceled in June,

Although it is not clear how much raised by wolves The cost of production, it looks like a blockbuster movie about it, and it must come at a price. Zaslav would have weighed the cost of production against the number of viewers and only concluded that it was not worth it. Just as the studio chief quietly removed six movies from HBO Max even though those movies were completed, it cost streamers a lot to host them, and there’s no point in anyone watching them.

in the darkness

In the Dark Season 2 main art

in the darkness Had an interesting premise, as it followed a blind woman who set out to solve the murder of her best friend. But the show began to suffer when the crime was solved, as there was nowhere for the series to go, but it was still enough to flag off more seasons.

This problem happens with even the best shows twin Peaks, but after four seasons, the ax was finally dropped in May. The fourth season is still not finished, but episodes are still released. And there are three episodes left, creator Corinne Kingsbury promises a satisfying endingAs in the final episode was shot again to avoid a cliffhanger ending.

Scoob 2: Holiday Hunt

Scooby in Shaggy and Scooby in Falcon Fury

What a great shock Zaslav canceled the release Scoob 2: Holiday Hunt, which was already post-production and had a scheduled release of December 2022. While it may seem ridiculous to cancel a film’s release when it is in its entirety, marketing a film and keeping it in theaters typically costs about as much as the production budget. That’s why studios have so little faith in it that they think it would be safe to mark it as a write-off.

It’s hard to understand how successful town as its theatrical release was postponed due to COVID-19, but it received a limited release down the line. The film earned $27 million worldwide, which is a penny on the dollar on a $90 million budget. However, although it didn’t matter much, it went straight to video-on-demand and, according to Hollywood ReporterIt was the third most popular VOD film during the pandemic.

bat girl

Leslie Grace Shares What It's Like to Wear a Batgirl Suit for the First Time?

with Scoob 2It was also stated that almost done bat girl will be postponed, The original plan was for a Leslie Grace-starring bat girl to go directly to HBO Max, and, in the first year, there were Rumors that it will get a theatrical release, which means that the studio seemed happy with the film. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth, as it’s not only skipping theaters, but it’s leaving streaming services.

But, he bat girl The cancellation might not mean it’s a bad movie. This could mean that Zaslav and co. Would like to go in a different direction with the DCEU rather than confuse the general audience. Issuing a DCEU bat girl If Zaslav is looking for his own Kevin Feige-type figure to lead the universe, it doesn’t make sense. And, at least, it makes Superman likely to return Very high. Either way, it’s a $90 million loss for Warner Bros., of course minus the tax break.

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Leslie Grace as Batgirl, Henry Cavill as Superman

The WB’s Batgirl cancellation ensures Superman’s DCEU return, doesn’t it?

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