10 Pokemon Go memes that absolutely boast the game

whereas pokemon Fans are still discussing about the announcement red and purplelong time player pokemon go Go Fest 2022 and ‘Bug Out!’ Including the upcoming August events can be discussed. in the six years since its release pokemon go The world inspired players to venture into the real world and collect all.

The game continues to deliver exciting updates such as adding Pokémon from new regions, releasing Holiday Edition designs, and introducing new items. It may have some flaws, but there are many reasons to love pokemon go And there are memes that highlight the best and worst of mobile games.

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1 1 you are going too fast

One of the dangers that comes with a game played by someone exploring the real world is the possibility that they want to explore via car. It’s obviously dangerous to have people driving while simultaneously trying to toss Poké balls to catch more creatures for your team.

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In an attempt to discourage it, Go Added the above warning whenever the app is open and the user is moving fast. However, this is more of a disappointment than an aid to players who want to seek out in the passenger seat. Thankfully there’s a button for that.

10 location, location, location

As this meme implies, location can be everything pokemon go, There are a large number of Pokestops available for players to visit, as well as gyms and Team Rocket goons to fight, but these locations tend to cluster in cities. Especially in the early days of the game, anyone living far more rural or remote was unlikely to be close to anything in the game.

Some lucky players, especially those in apartments in large cities, were very likely to live near or above a Pokestop. While this meme obviously takes it to an absurd extreme, many players know the convenience of having a nearby Pokéstop and would certainly prefer to be in a prime Poké location.

9 War

a major component of pokemon There has always been an element of fighting, whether it’s battling wild Pokemon, other trainers, gym leaders, or otherwise. All these fighting styles are there pokemon go very.

Tapping or swiping on falling symbols on the screen can trigger regular attacks. Charge attacks can almost save a lost cause at the last minute by delivering a powerful blow to whatever enemy the player is facing. All these combat features and more await pokemon goMakes it one of the best free-to-play games of all time.

8 your bag is full

In its initial release form, players were limited to not only how many Pokémon they could catch, but how many items. In a later update, Niantic has allowed players to increase storage through purchases made with Pokécoins.

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You may be familiar with the “Your bag is full” pop-up if you choose not to upgrade or haven’t for some reason. Usually, this notification is a mild disappointment, but sometimes it pops up even when the player isn’t receiving new items, as is the case when a player is completing a field research task referred to in the meme. tries to.

7 pokemon is gone

Probably the most frustrating event in the game is when a player has thrown almost all of their Pokéballs, used special fruits, and is still unable to place their potentially new Pocket Monsters inside the Pokéballs. There are so many high-level and incredibly strong Pokemon that pose a great challenge to hunters.

Sometimes a Pokemon will run away no matter how hard a player tries, and sometimes it’s not even a strong one that can get away. These troubles are nothing compared to the challenges of others pokemon game, make pokemon go One of the best games for beginners,

6 team pride

One of the first things a player does pokemon go Choose which team they want to play for. Red, blue and yellow or gallantry, mystic and instinct. Valor and Mystic were the more popular teams from the start, and as the game got bigger, they continued to fight with gym ownership and in other ways as more fully illustrated in the illustration above.

There are lots of ways for all types of players to team up and work together, such as connecting or joining other players online. pokemon goDays of the community, like the best days of 2021, Even though there may be some fun competition among teams, the sport has brought many people together.

5 go to the gym”

Going to the gym takes on a whole new meaning since the joining of gym and gym battles Go, It may not require lifting weights or running on a treadmill, but Pokémon gyms can now literally be viewed in ways they never could before pokemon go,

In other franchise installments, Pokemon has the highest number of water gyms Many games and lands. Gyms work a little differently Go, the users are being protected by their own Pokémon. They no longer strictly align with certain elements, but rather with teams.

4 positive vibration

There’s a special prompt that receives a vibration from your phone to alert you that a new Pokémon is in the area. This is especially true when what a player is seeing is Pizzie and they are eventually on a new type.

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It can be just as frustrating though when there’s a vibration as any other alert in your phone goes off and a rush of excitement spreads. Or worse, when it’s just another Pizzie.

3 foot pain

pokemon go It was the first installment in the franchise in which players had to leave their home and move around in order to make real progress in the game. anyone used to pokemon Games, whether they be Nintendo or original card games, will get used to a fairly stable experience.

As Neo and Morpheus explain above, this was a new experience and had many users pokemon go Go on extended walks to try and catch as many Pokémon as you can before your cellphone battery dies.

2 elusive legends

Catching them has always been a challenge, in whatever form they are pokemon being played, but holding the giants pokemon go There can be a lesson in despair. Players have to come prepared with as many resources as possible in the form of Pokéballs, berries and their throwing abilities.

Catching it may require a lot of perseverance and luck. Using just one Golden Raspberry is often not enough, but even a string of excellent throws (which are hard enough to do) can fail to catch one of the last in the game.

1 The Long-Haulers

As anyone who still plays regularly will know, it may come as a surprise to casual users that there are still active Go the user. When it was released the game’s popularity attracted the attention of people who had never played. pokemon game first.

As time always does, this piqued the interest of some users. The app turned out to be cool on many phones, even with new updates and highlights in the game. Groups of regular users still team up or go solo hunting, and some check back every once and a while, but who knows what it will take to bring back the level of interest leading up to the game’s launch. .

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