10 early reddit predictions for avengers: kang dynasty

Marvel Cinematic Universe fans have been wondering what the Avengers will look like when several core members are either dead or heroic, and it appears they will finally get their answer with the upcoming team-up film of 2025. Avengers: Kang Dynasty,

Jonathan Majors was confirmed to play the famous Marvel villain in the upcoming Ant-Man and the Wasp: QuantummaniaAnd bottle gourd,Kang’s first season ended with one of Kang’s good variants, but fans on Reddit and elsewhere are already dropping their boldest predictions to confirm Kang will headline the fifth Avengers move.

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10 Kang Dynasty will have amazing fight choreography

Shang-Chi fights in Shang-Chi on the bus

Marvel movies are known for their fight scenes, but the way battles are filmed and presented varies from property to property. While movies like Captain America: The Winter Soldier Jason Bourne-esque hand-to-hand combat that was largely based on reality, Thor: Love and Thunder Featured comical, over-the-top theatrics.

recently announced that shang chio Director Destin Daniel Cretin will be in charge of the fifth Avengers film, indicating that the emphasis will be on well-shots and smooth close-quarters combat. just fight scenes shang chio the audience likes emilia67 Excited by the prospect that “the fight scenes in this movie are going to be fun.”

9 Kang Dynasty will nail Captain Marve’s personality

Captain Marvel Carol Danvers Cameo in Ms. Marvel Post Credits Scene

While some may deny the talent captain marvel actress Brie Larson, some fans don’t enjoy the ultra-Orthodox personality the script gave her in her solo film and avengers: endgame, Luckily, many fans think director Destin Daniels Cretin will make sure Larson’s natural charisma continues to shine through in the role.

redditor Alexander1707 The duo ties the previous pair, saying, “His work with Brie Larson in Just Mercy shows that he’ll be able to bring out the best of them…” Larson was the most likable for him. just pity, And fans are ready to see the more charming side of Captain Marvel finally teased shang chio And Ms. Marvel,

8 Many super teams will fight many Kongs

Who He Lives, Doctor Strange, and Spider-Man

As he tells at the end of Lives bottle gourdThe scariest thing about Kang is that there isn’t only one of them. With time and the power to travel through different dimensions, it’s not possible to focus a fight on one bad guy. The complexities of time travel were teased endgame When a vengeful Thanos from the past travels to the future, but Kang will surely take it up a few notches.

redditor goodmobileyes Say, “Wouldn’t it be crazy if 3 concurrent teams were fighting 3 Kongs at once and they didn’t know it?” With Phase Four’s films disconnected in space and tone, fighting different Kongs alongside different street, cosmic, cosmic and multidimensional teams can be a great way to get everyone involved.

7 Avengers team will combine old and new heroes

Clint and Kate talking after the big fight at Hawkeye

Avengers: Infinity War And endgame The collective served as a bookend for many longtime MCU heroes like Iron Man and Black Widow, which certainly ended their journey with a heroic sacrifice. Captain America, Hawkeye and the Hulk, among others, are in the making or are in the vicinity of successors who could take over in future films.

omarafax This suggests that the “rest of the Avengers” team up with Spider-Man, Strange, Ant-Man, and more in the film, and a “newcomer” including Shang Chi, rather than exclusively spotlighting either new or old heroes. The team will be involved. Ms. Marvel, and others later introduced endgame,

6 Kang will kill a popular avenger

ant man kang feature photo

The previous two Avengers movies killed off two of the original team members and a third were retired, but a common criticism in the four current stages of the MCU is that the heroes have too much plot armor. By the end of Phase 6, many fans are hoping that Kang will prove his mettle by killing off a fan-favorite character.

Phenom Agree, saying, “The Kang character must kill someone in order to see him as a true threat.” He suggests that Ant-Man may be on the chopping block, as Kang will play a role in quantummaniaBut only time will tell who goes to the winner.

5 The items already installed will be “Kang Tek”

Shang-Chi Ten Rings Made by Kang Theory More Likely SR

So far the only solid Kang info in the MCU finally came bottle gourd, but some fans believe that some of the objects that appear will be revealed to be related to the winner. In particular, there is evidence that Shang-Chi’s Ten Rings and Ms. Marvel’s Bracelet may have links to Kang.

notaperson96 explains that “Kang, during his ram-tut, hid the technology and equipment of the future until he needed them.” Kamala’s bracelet sends her back in time, invented for the Disney+ series. Furthermore, Wong, Captain Marvel, and Bruce Banner all agree that the Ten Rings seem to radiate an energy that neither of them has seen before, perhaps indicating that they are from another dimension.

4 Kong Dynasty Will End With an Alt-History Reboot Cliffhanger

Jonathan Majors as the one who lives in Lokik

miracle infinity war The audience was shocked by the fact that it ended with the victory of the antagonist. Even comics readers who knew about Snap were surprised that Marvel Studios did something similar, and some people expect something similar. Kang Dynasty And secret war,

Kang Is Scary Because There Are Infinite Copies Of Him Floating Through Time And The Multiverse, And Reddit theiceman2288 Thinking that a win fake might be a great cliffhanger, fans treated famous MCU scenes with “Kang transformed into the image of the Conqueror.”

3 Kang may not be built as Thanos

MCU Avengers Villains Loki, Ultron, Thanos and Congo

Thanos was not revealed at the beginning of Phase 1, but he had several minor appearances prior to his central roles. infinity war And endgame, Some fans are concerned that Kang will not get the same opportunity to be produced before his film.

dreza Shares concern, claiming, “The unannounced Phase 6 films will have some serious lifting here…” while Kang will be in quantummania, some of the other projects make sense for the time winner. of course, even if Kang Dynasty Just a few years away, more Marvel content is coming out each year than ever before, so there’s still plenty of time to set up a big bad.

2 Doom will help the Avengers defeat the Congo

Avengers Secret Wars Doctor Doom beat Congo

Several signs point to Victor Von Doom coming to the MCU as soon as possible. He is clearly most closely related Fantastic Fourwho will initiate the sixth stage, but he is also the central ruler in it secret war comic event.

However, one thing that makes Doom so compelling is that he isn’t purely evil. He’s willing to work with either heroes or villains depending on what aligns with his current goals, so he could very well start out as an ally in the fight against Kang. However, fans like lilshaggy Expecting the Latvian ruler to treat “after Kang’s defeat will likely result in treachery as is true doom fashion.”

1 Kong would be more dangerous than Thanos

Thanos Kang Timeless War

It’s hard to imagine a more dangerous villain than Thanos, who could reshape reality and the universe with the help of the Infinity Stone, but some fans are concerned about seeming weaker than Kang. The Avengers had to defeat two versions of the Mad Titan, but there are an infinite number of Kongs that can appear anytime, anywhere.

Avatarboomi There is a fairly colorful idea to introduce Kang, suggesting that “Kang is just Merck a Thanos to show that he is a serious threat. That would be cool.” Comics also have priority. When Thanos encountered, Kang made him old until there was nothing left but bones. Given that Kang exists in the multiverse, fans could see him defeat almost anyone.

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