10 Best Shark Attack Movies According to IMDB

10 47m Down: Uncaged (2019) – 5.0

One of the blind sharks in the cave 47 meters below

Teenage half-sisters Mia and Sasha, along with some friends, decide to have a fun day of unprotected scuba diving in some of the underwater caves that Mia’s father is working in. Before they know it, everyone is stuck with a dwindling air supply during the hunt. Hungry and blind albino shark.

This sequel has nothing in common with the previous film in the franchise, other than the general concept of some young women doing their best to be eaten by sharks. Whereas 47 meters below: without cage nothing is too fresh or good, it summer shark attack movie Thanks to the efforts of director Johannes Roberts, Saturday afternoons have gotten lazy.

9 Fodder (2012) – 5.2

A tsunami traps a group of shoppers in an Australian supermarket with some large Great White sharks – in 3D. There are some incredible gun-toting thieves and extra wrinkles like a loose electrical cord to deal with, but sharks are the main gimmick in a flooded grocery store.

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the lure, either bait 3d As it is also known, this kind of movie is too much for fans of a funny creature feature. There’s an eclectic cast of characters, silly 3D effects for laughs, and it doesn’t go beyond its reception in quite a brisk 93 minutes. This should satisfy anyone whose interest was at the concept of sharks eating people in an Australian grocery store.

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8 47 meters down (2017) – 5.6

Mandy Moore and Claire Holt play sisters who cage-dive on a structurally questionable boat. This proves to be a poor way of having an up-close experience with some sharks when they fall to the sea floor 47 meters below the surface in a cage.

While the sequel leans into violent (in a PG-13 way) shark attacks, 47 meters down More thriller. There’s a lot of runtime padding for boyfriend drama in the beginning, but once the sisters get on the boat, the tension builds up nicely. A healthy amount of suspension of disbelief is required, especially when it comes to how the underwater sisters talk to each other, but fans will be happy to know that there are many. other chilling movies like 47 meters down,

7 Meg (2018) – 5.6

Meg Poster Jaws Parody

A team of researchers working out of an underwater research facility is exploring the Mariana Trench, the deepest ocean trench on Earth, when a previously extinct species of shark known as a megalodon. megoAs they call it, proceeds to wreak havoc on anyone big enough to cross his path and that’s where rescue diver/rookie Jason Statham comes in.

it can’t be one of these best movies of jason stathambut that was enough to sell him vs. megalodon mego for gross $530 million worldwideHighest-grossing Shark Attack film of all time, resulting in a sequel Meg 2: Of the Abyss August 4, 2023 Release date. As for the film itself, this is a surprisingly over-the-top shark attack flick that should be on any creature feature fan’s to-do list.

6 Reef (2010) – 5.8

Sharks circling the survivors in the reef

Five men find themselves in a dangerous situation when the boat they’re traveling on capsizes in a coral reef, trapping them in the middle of the ocean. With no means of contacting anyone for help, the group is left with the option of waiting aboard an overturned ship and hoping for the best, or taking the chance to swim through shark-infested waters to find land.

film based on a true story Of Ray BoundyShark attack experience since 1983, Rock It’s more of a harrowing tale of the difficult and frightening choices required in a situation like that than a traditional shark attack movie. There are sharks, sure, and people are eaten by them, but it’s more stressful and sudden than bloody and exciting.

5 Open Water (2003) – 5.8

woman alone in the middle of the sea in the open water

A couple goes on a scuba diving tour, only to find themselves stranded at sea when the boat they are with forgets about them and leaves. based on the true story of Tom and Eileen Lonerganwho never met.

While it’s not clear whether the real-life couple experienced this horrifying ordeal, the sharks actually faced off as they do. open water, the film itself delves as much into the horrors of the shark attack, leaving it behind to die in the ocean. Knowing this scenario actually happened goes a long way in selling the hellish condition of the couple.

4 Jaws 2 (1978) – 5.8

Years after Amity Island first experienced a shark with a taste for human flesh, another one comes along. Chief Brody finds himself as the only voice of concern, once again, only this time he takes matters into his own hands when two of his sons wander the path of killer sharks.

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Whereas jaw was an instant classic, jaws 2 Just quite entertaining. Between shark attacks and ’70s fashion, there’s certainly entertainment as long as expectations are kept to a minimum. is a bit jaws 2 It made an everlasting impression on pop culture, and that tagline is– “Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…”

3 Deep Blue Sea (1999) – 5.9

Deep Blue Sea 3 Richard Shock Death

although not one of the Samuel L Jackson’s Greatest Characters, The famous actor plays a wealthy supporter for a team of scientists working on a cure for Alzheimer’s. They are using some mako sharks as guinea pigs for their experiments, only to have things go violently out of their control when the sharks have other plans in mind.

Director Renee Harlin (die hard 2, cliffhanger) takes viewers on an endlessly entertaining ride of super-smart sharks that attack people in surprisingly messy ways. The most famous scene ends with Samuel L. Jackson’s impassioned speech being interrupted by one of those genius sharks, but there are plenty of other amusing incidents to keep up with. deep Blue Sea Until LL Cool J plays the movie with “Deepest Bluest (Shark’s Finn)” going forward.

2 Shallow (2016) – 6.3

Shark attacks Nancy on the reef in The Shallows

Blake Lively stars as a surfer whose good times are ruined by a bloodthirsty Great White. She just needs to get off the reef she’s trapped on a nearby shore, but this proves increasingly difficult as the sharks set their eyes on her with every intention of eating her.

Creates a simple base combined with Lively’s very effective performance shallow A must for any fan of shark attack movies. The backstory parts are unnecessary, but director Jaime Colette-Serra proves to be a master at various shark attack scenes. Lively’s friendly relationship with a nearby seagull also proves to be a concern that the film handles well.

1 Jaws (1975) – 8.1

When a woman’s decomposed body is found washed up one day, Chief Brody must do everything in his power to stop the shark attacks that continue to rock the peaceful Long Island town of Amity Island.

Not only the best shark attack movie, jaw One of the greatest films of all time by many measures of success. While the film undoubtedly earned its reputation, the novel’s author jaw Peter Benchley was based on, no regrets This had a devastating effect on many shark populations. Hopefully one day humans will realize this jaw Just a great movie, not really based, and that we are more of a threat to the sharks than it is to us. Unfortunately, while there are many unanswered questions in jawSequels failed to live up to this masterpiece.

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